Best Online Marketing Tools Businesses Need in 2019

It’s a well-known fact that digital marketing has changed the way businesses do business. It has created a level playing field for companies of different sizes. In today’s market, it is harmful to a company to ignore its online presence.

For marketers, there was a need to develop beyond the traditional forms of marketing. There is a need for knowledge about campaigns for social media marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC).

Of course, you can’t master all aspects of digital marketing. You should, therefore, use marketing tools to help you cover a large portion of your marketing website.

Facebook page insights

When it comes to social media, no platform is larger than Facebook with 2.8 billion active monthly users. If you’re on Facebook, use Page Tools. This is a great tool for beginners as it is intuitive and easy to provide.

This tool gives you an overview of the data about your audience. It shows you the gender and age group your audience/fans are. It also breaks the location of people to your website.

You can use this information to understand if your client’s persona is correct and to know if your site is reaching the right people. Facebook page insights are free and can be opened when you create a page.


Hootsuite is another tool you can use for social media marketing. It is accessible over the internet and provides a free level for you to try to pay levels for more advanced features.

Talk about online business marketing tools. If a company wants people to browse cheap tablets below $100, online marketing tools can help the market with a bigger and bigger audience. We encourage you to use Hootsuite if your company has different social media accounts.

What is different from this platform is what it offers to stream. This is a system that they created on their dashboard, so you can quickly see your various social media accounts in one place.

With these streaming options, you can get a quick overview of all your scheduled messages, posts, calls and more. Use daily journaling, as it helps you create ideas for your various social media accounts. You can also use this software with your team to work with your marketing efforts.


This tool is one of the new marketing tools and works best for SEO and is mostly used to get keyword data and related keywords or keywords.
Ubersuggest was a simple tool for finding related keywords before being bought by Neil Patel, a popular digital marketing expert.

He had a vision to make the tools more powerful, something similar to Ahref but free. Now look at the tools, it’s definitely there. It not only provides keyword data that you can use to make an SEO analysis but also contains ideas for your website.

There is also a query problem test and Google’s trend data with every query it offers. A great option for beginners who are just searching for keyword data in SEO without being busy.

Google Analytics

Your SEO efforts have not been completed without using Google Analytics. We can safely say that it is one of the most popular analytical software online and among the best digital marketing tools. This is probably the first thing you need to do in an SEO checklist. The software is powerful and gives you insight into how your website performs online.

You can see how visitors reach your website via medium and device, and how much time they spend to read your content or watch your videos.
It shows the importance of good content. If you want high content, you need to appoint a qualified personal information writer to deliver the content your brand increases. Good content is the basis for content marketing.


Market content marketing is very important an important part of any online strategy. 80% of marketers use visual content in their social media. As with 32% of digital marketers, visual content has surpassed the other content marketing and even exaggerated.

To pay attention to you, use visual images or graphics, pictures or videos.
Canva is a great place to start learning how to make graphics and pictures. The controls are intuitive with drag-and-drop technology and are the best way to quickly create or edit images. The software is free to use, but you can pay for more advanced features.


These top 5 are just some of the digital marketing tools you can use to start your online marketing. You need to refine your skills by fully utilizing different tools and other marketing tactics. A good return will soon be full

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