The Burst Prevention and Puncture Curative (BPPC) Tyre technology Invented by Indian Team gets NASA Award

Sameer Panda, a research scholar at Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology, and two others developed the multi-chambered tube and multi-chambered tubeless tyre filled with a liquid layer of sealants, rubber particles, which prevent leakage of air in case of puncture. Puncture proof & burst proof tyre technology for racing, aircraft, luxury, defense, car, bike, scooter, ATV tire.  

A technology to prevent tire tube puncturing got an award in the Create the Future Design Contest- 2015 conducted by NASA Tech Brief in New York.

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Image source: TycheeJuno YouTube  

The Burst Prevention and Puncture Curative (BPPC) technology invented by TycheeJuno project from India became one of the top ten entries in the contest. TycheeJuno is a firm working on Disruptive and Breakthrough Innovation in technology mostly related to automotive division.   

About TycheeJuno  

TycheeJuno is a firm working on Disruptive and Breakthrough Innovation in technology mostly related to automotive. It’s now working on “Mild Run Flat Tire” to give a “Hassel free drive, Tension free life” to customers and bring An Innovative Environment Friendly Automotive Technology to the world.  

With a mission to bring a technical revolution in automotive technologies which is affordable and having less carbon foot print. TycheeJuno look forward to mentor, incubate and promote consumer and environment friendly technology in different market segments. They want to become the world leader in bringing environment friendly innovations to the market.  

Innovative Mild RFT Technology used  

The Mild RFT is a Multi-chambered Tubeless tyre with sealant inside the chamber to take care of puncture in tread and side wall. TJ’s Tyre can be manufactured in existing manufacturing set up with small modifications.

Mild RFT takes care of the drawbacks of Traditional Sealant in tyre namely Leakage, Deterioration of sealant due to interaction with air, problem in Wheel Balancing, Rubber hardening, clogging near the valve, Messy feeling for customer etc. Additionally the sealant inside chamber in their tyre acts as a coolant and increases the life of the tyre!  

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Image credit: TycheeJuno  

TycheeJuno envisages bringing tyre technology which is apt to take care of bursts as well. Unlike other Run Flat Tyres available in the market, it doesn’t have any limitations on distance and speed after puncture and does not cost you to replace the tyre. The Mild Run Flat tyre will go on and on, without making a hole in your pocket.  

The project team was headed by Sameer Panda, an engineer, based in Odisha. The latest innovation has not only decreases the possibilities of bursts but has also taken care of punctures, dynamic wheel balancing, increasing fuel efficiency and life.  

Thousands of young scientists from 60 countries participated in the international competition. Eight teams received the awards and 32 inventions found a place in NASA’s official publication in the special issue of November.  

“It has clocked more than 40,000 hours in last more than a decade in inventing the technology that can be manufactured in existing manufacturing set up and can also be retrofitted in any tubeless, self-supported or auxiliary supported tyre,” TycheeJuno team leader Sameer Panda, who is doing his PhD from VSS University of Technology in Odisha’s Sambalpur district, reported by Hindustan Times.   

The innovation becomes all the more important in India where 3,371 people were killed and 9,081 injuries in 2014. Globally, 1.25 million injuries and casualties are estimated to occur due to tyre bursts.   

The technology has an environmental advantage too. Panda said with TycheeJuno’s technology in 10 million vehicles, reduction in carbon emission due to decreased tyre replacement would be 200,000 tons of carbon dioxide per annum.   

“Improved fuel efficiency will result in a reduction of 200 million gallons of gasoline consumption which means 1.634 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e) and 500 tons of cancer-causing carcinogenic lead (RoHS material) can be avoided,” said Panda.  

Panda is now looking for strategic partners and investments to successfully commercialize the technology globally to save thousands of lives and decrease carbon footprints. (Source: TycheeJuno)

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