Get Instant Breeze Anywhere Anytime with SmartFan – A mini USB Fan powered by Smartphone

With increase in smart phones technology, the consumers are more attached to their smart phones than ever. The demand for aftermarket products oriented towards them like the Mini Mobile USB fan called ‘Smart Fan’ is on the rise.  

SmartFan is a beautifully designed gadget that could be used for those hot days on the tube, lazing on the beach or any occasion when you require a gust of cooling air.   

Once this tiny fan cools you on a hot day, you will never want to leave it behind. A portable smart phone fan is a life saver and it powered by smartphones! When your friends see you cooling down with a nice breeze, they will want to steal yours, so you better pick up two.  


Images source: Kickstarter  

Plugging directly into a smartphone via the charging port, the Mini Mobile USB Fan is designed for Samsung and Android smartphones. Coming in a wide array of color options, the smartphone fan is also able to be plugged into traditional USB ports on a computer for heat relief while on laptops or desktops.  

How does it work?  

It really could not be easier to plug SmartFan into your phone. You simply choose the connector (A or B) that is right for you and plug it into your phone’s power socket (C).  


Specs of SmartFan

  • Motor revolutions 16000 turn and can work continuously more than 100 hours
  • Can watch TV with side blowing fan
  • TPE environmental protection material
  • Can use mobile phone for power supply
  • Products: lightning 8pin small fan
  • Up to 100 hours running time
  • Low 5v usage – won’t drain your battery
  • Current: 80 MA
  • Size – approx 80mm x 41mm
  • Weight: 28g
  • Color: Green/Rose Red/Black/White/Orange/Blue
  • Package includes: 1 x Lightning 2 ins 1 Mini Fan (with snap bag)

The small, flexible design of the Mini Mobile USB Fan enables users to plug it in, use and place it back into their pocket in a matter of seconds without having to worry about damaging or breaking it.  


  SmartFan is a small compact device that fits to most; apple or android handsets (excluding iPhone 4). It is made of high-quality soft TPE so the blades will not hurt you if touched. The fan runs on just 5v and will sit happily in your phone for hours without draining your battery.  

The unique thing about this SmartFan, it can be branded to your own company logo and is an ideal on-pack, corporate or ‎brand-to-hand giveaway. MOQ 2000 prices from as little as £2.99 OEM branded and production and delivery just 10 days.  

The crowdfunding campaign of SmartFan is live at Kickstarter for a goal of £10,000 and still 12 days to go.


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