BraillePhone Brings a Hope for Blind People That Communicates Via Messages and Calls!

BraillePhone : A truly Blessing Device for Blind People

Communication is an essential aspect of human life and personal development, and initiating contact with others is the first crucial step towards successful interaction. Generally, a fully sighted person can see an object that is 60 meters away while a person who is legally blind cannot see that same object if it is only six meters away!  

Face to face communication is somewhat easy for visually impaired person compared to a complicated remote conversation through modern telecommunication technology using the smartphones.  

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Images credit: BrailleCall Lab via YouTube  

According to 2014 report estimates of WHO, the world’s population is aging and people are living longer but blindness from chronic conditions is also on a rise. About 80 percent of the world’s 45 million blind people are aged over 50 years!  

It also says, approximately 285 million people worldwide live with a low vision and blindness, and 90% of blind people live in low-income countries where basic communication infrastructure is nearly lacking.  

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Images credit: BrailleCall Lab  

A sighted person can easily operate a touch screen Smartphone or tablet, he or she taps icons or slides a finger across the display in order to make things done. However, this is not a suitable technique for a visually impaired one.  

To facilitate proper communication for a person with a vision disability, the device should be simple in use and has an effective mode of message or calls delivery.  

A Bulgaria based start-up BrailleCall Lab has now developed the first version of GSM based device called ‘BraillePhone’ which will help people with visual impairments to communicate with each other via messages and calls with people worldwide!  

The device has four buttons and the innovative alphabet of the BraillePhone application installed on the phone.  

A display-free device extends its battery life nearly 10-12 days with a single charge. Its strong alloy material makes it more secure from any falls, water, etc.  

The device will have wireless headphones although the BraillePhone microphones will allow the blind to speak easily without them.  

You just need to buy the mobile and put SIM card of the operator in the slot and talk or write ordinary messages. You can find the current location BraillePhone using the installed GPS application.  

The Indiegogo campaign of BraillePhone is currently live, your small contribution will help creator to make it a successful launch.    This device will help many visually impaired people to communicate with loved one through Smartphone worldwide!


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