3 Tips for Boosting Your Blog Traffic through Social Media Platforms

You can start your business blog today and achieve success in a few months. That is because you have the power of social media that helps in driving traffic to your blog. Then, you need to create quality content that you can post on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and so on.   

With social media promotion, more visitors will come to your blog and read what your business and products are all about. You might be wondering how to make your blog pop in a few months time. Well, write engaging content and target it to your audience that resonates with your brand.   

People would like to share your content and like as well as post comments. Therefore, if you want to use social media drive blog traffic, use these pointers to achieve the desired results:

Design a Facebook page for your blog 

It is one of the best options for serious FB users, and it means that you can expand your platform through the social media site. If you have an informative blog about gardening and authentic content and visuals to support, numerous people who have a penchant for gardening will start liking your page, even those who were not your friends on FB. Then, make sure that your blog posts offer tips and tricks to create a beautiful garden.   

Write about how to grow kitchen vegetables, plant flowering shrubs, or how to transform your balcony into an oasis. You can use Instagram photos to support your content. You can read online literature and visit sites such as Stormlikes to learn how to boost likes, comments, and fan following on social media.   

Leverage the power of Twitter 

Tweet briefly about gardening tips to attract audience attention. Make sure you tweet like a professional. Your gardening ideas should sound that you have adequate knowledge about the same. Your tweets should not sound amateurish or childish.   

This way, you can see many others tweeting about gardening, especially those who are passionate about plants and flowering shrubs. If you do not have the Tweet button integrated into your blog, do so now. If you want to learn more about Twitter, read articles and blogs on how to use the social platform to drive more traffic to your blog.  

Request others to promote your blogs through social bookmarking sites

There is no harm in requesting your friends and associates to promote your new blog through Stumbleupon, DIGG, Reddit, and many more. Do not hesitate to ask others to promote your content. You can promote your blog yourself. Then, you are busy writing quality posts and working on the SEO of the blog.   

In case, you have time constraints, ask people to promote your blog. Avoid promoting repeatedly though because some websites may penalize you for multiple submissions from a single person.   


Now that you know how to boost your blog traffic through social media, start writing quality posts that are useful, informative, and answer users’ questions. Promote your blog on social sites regularly to get the desired results. 

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