Booming and Dooming of our Planet…Act Now to Save Our Environment

Due to increased use of petrol, diesel, coal, wood and other chemicals by the mankind, there is a severe reduction of Oxygen in the atmosphere while Carbon Dioxide increases day by day. Till 1860, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was at the same level, in fact, from 1860 to 1960 the CO2 increased dramatically by 14 per cent. 

It results in increase of Earth’s temperature at incremental rate. The level of temperature will increase due to the civilization and industrialization and will make our life more miserable. This may lead to more and more relocation of people from urban to rural areas to get sufficient Oxygen after one century if we don’t curtail the use of fossil fuels.

As per UN report, the data show that Earth’s surface air temperature has risen more than 1.1°F (0.7°C) since the late 1800s. This warming of the average temperature around the globe has been especially sharp since the 1970s. 

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The industrial pollutant water, solid waste, biological waste of humans and animals – in millions of tons – discharged to Earth’s rivers and lakes. Poisonous chemicals like phosphates and nitrates are settled on the surface of the water. The various kinds of plants and flowers grow on the water surface. Due to a lack of oxygen and sunlight, fish and other creatures living below the water die.  

Based on the report of Delhi’s Centre for Science and Environment, approximately 70% of water is contaminated by one or other ways. Also, approximately 73 million man-days were lost due to the various water-borne diseases.   

The Chemical Science Professor David Kaside of Yale University mentioned that there could be some mental problems if we keep long contact with these poisonous chemical pollutants. Like anti-social behaviors, laziness, uncomfortable, nervousness, etc. An environmentalist Dr. Jordan of the same university states that there could be an adverse effect of our surrounding environment on human eyes, nose, and ears sensibility along with our inter-personal relations.   

To understand the adverse effect of water and earth pollution on the environment, one should read ‘The Doomsday Book’. A different type of book, one with a much broader agenda, describes a myriad of problems faced by our earth in addition to global warming. It also includes recommendations for planetary survival in the face of what could be termed a “Doomsday Scenario.”   

The title of the book is Plan B 2.0: Rescuing a Planet under Stress and a Civilization in Trouble. The book is available not only in paperback, but it can be downloaded free of charge by Googling “Earth Policy Institute, Plan B.” The extraordinary range of the book can be gauged from the reviews found in the online bookstore site, IndigoCafe.   

We depend on the Earth so we better start taking care of it. Every day we are given the option to make positive changes for the future of our planet. Don’t ever let someone tell you that one person can’t make a difference! The truth is that for centuries it has always been the action of one person that inspires the action of many.  

Be a leader in your community and do what you can to reduce the misuse and overuse of our natural resources. We are not entirely to blame; we inherited a polluted Planet Earth and are seeing the consequences of the decisions made by previous generations. Luckily we have all the tools we need to ensure that our children can grow up on a cleaner, safer planet than ourselves!  

Making a difference for the future of Planet Earth doesn’t have to include huge life-changing choices!! Some of the most important things are simple lifestyle changes that, if we can all commit to, will create a huge reduction in our ecological footprint.


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