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Blogging is a result of passion, enthusiasm, and craving towards writing. But as we know this is a quite competitive landscape where millions and billions of bloggers have already set their foot. It is not so easy to combat such a huge competition, especially for new bloggers. As time goes on in the field of blogging, a blogger comes across so many new things that he/she has not performed before. 

For example if you will read your own pretty older posts you will find certain things that will seem unnecessary or irrelevant to you. And if you will compare your own two posts one written recently and one that is written years ago, you will find a great difference of ideas. Your newer posts will be much more mature than earlier ones. 

Anyways, the idea behind all these points is to encourage new bloggers not to get disappointed if they are not seeing results as per expectations. There are a lot of things to learn in blogging, working on which honestly can lead you to the right path. Here are the important advice from a few renowned bloggers. These advises from blogging leaders will surely help you in achieving your blogging goals.

Understand Your Audience – Brain Clark (Copyblogger

Brain Clark is the founder of Colyblogger and is one of the leaders in the field of blogging. He advises newbies to first understand their audience well before they start writing anything new. Understanding audience means identifying the taste and expectation of viewers from your blog. A good Idea for this is to create an engaging topic and post it on twitter, Facebook or any social media platform. If you get good response from people, you can carry on writing on the same topic.

First Write for Yourself – Adii Pienaar (Public Beta)

Adii Pienaar has established himself in the world of blogging by working on the same principle. He says that a blogger should write for himself forgetting the fact that there is an audience to read this. The idea behind writing for yourself is that, if you write for yourself it means you are putting your personal experiences, personal thoughts, views and opinions into words. Thoughts are ongoing in our minds and they never end so every time you will have a new thought, you will have new thing to write. This will make your blogging frequent.

Love Existing Readers – Darren Rowse (ProBlogger)

According to Darren Worse, it is good to put your focus on finding new readers for your blog. But this focus needs to pit along with considering your existing readers expectations. Your existing readers are just like your assets that will stay with you for long. So it is important to fulfill their demands as well. At any point they should not feel that they are not meeting useful information any more. Since if they are following your blog it means they trust love and trust the information you are offering them. Hence always make sure that they are being delivered what they expect from you.

Build Amazing Call to Action – Nate Kontny (Draftin)

Nate Kontny advices bloggers to also consider building an attractive and effective call to action for readers. A call to action may be in the form of a query form on the sidebar or a “Follow on Twitter” icon at appropriate position on your blog. Nate Kontny says that after implementing such call to action on his blog he experienced 335% increase in his twitter followers within 7 days. Therefore this is an amazing idea to get in personal touch with your viewers and retain them for long term.

Hope these encouraging ideas from these experts will help you in finding right direction in your blogging work.


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