Blog Posts Alone Aren’t Enough For Driving Blog Traffic.

Bloggers know writing high-quality blog posts is essential for creating engaging content and driving traffic to their blog. However, writing an excellent article is only half the battle; a successful blogger knows promotion is just as essential to creating killer content and great SEO.

In this article, we look at what it takes to drive traffic to your blog and build page rankings with search engines like Google, and ideas on how to do that.

Subscription Call To Action

To get more users engaged with your content, it’s essential you provide them with a call to action they can act on. A call to action can ask them to subscribe to your newsletter or to subscribe to get email alerts whenever you put up a new post.

Using services such as Mail Chimp are a great tool for creating pop-ups on your site to allow people to opt into whatever offer you have going on and to alert them to new products or services you’re creating.

Social Media

Besides your blog, you must take advantage of social media to promote yourself and your website. Using social media allows you to cross-post articles, offers and news to keep your readers engaged with your content even when they’re not actively on your site.

Be careful, though, not to get spammy with your social media posts because this can have the opposite effect and turn readers off.

Tag Traffic

When you make a post, don’t forget the importance of tagging people, businesses, and other sites to alert them you’ve posted something that mentions them or that you’ve quoted. Tagging traffic is a great way to increase your visibility and build credibility with other sites.

Use Paid Adverts

Sooner or later you must consider spending a few bucks to gain traffic and paid social media advertising is a great way to do just that. You can build your brand awareness and drive more traffic to your site by purchasing Google ads or paying for a promoted post on Instagram or Facebook. Paid ads are also an excellent way to engage with your audience via comments and can help you generate leads.

Promote via the Community

Communities such as those found on sites like Reddit or Facebook are a great way to promote your website, and the good news is that there are thousands to choose from and likely a few that fit your niche exactly.

Look to build relationships and network with other pros in your field or people influential in the industry or topic you’re writing about. When you engage in these communities, it helps to build credibility with that audience who will eventually see you as an expert in your own right.

As mentioned before, Facebook has a variety of communities or groups you can engage with and getting started is easy.

Another social media platform to look at when you’re looking to promote your content in a community is LinkedIn. The benefit of LinkedIn groups is that it’s more business-focused and has a more upscale vibe as opposed to Facebook.

LinkedIn is perfect if you’re looking to build credibility among the business to consumer or business to the business crowd, and with some high-quality cross-promotion, you can build yourself up as an expert, which will help drive even more traffic to your site.

Finally, consider spending some money and use a promotional service like Triberr to help get you more of a boost from your outreach. What’s nice about these services is they allow people to get hand-picked content instead of them having to wade through the chaff to find the good stuff. Having your content promoted like this establishes you as a serious blogger rather than someone who’s doing it for fun.

Reach Out To Other Sites

Probably one of the best ways to reach more people with your content is to partner with other bloggers. You can trade content or write guest posts for one another to build each other’s audience and take part in the community. Not to mention, this is a great way to get quality backlinks. The key here is to aim high and reach out to popular bloggers and sites because getting a guest post on a site with low traffic isn’t going to do you any good. Make high-quality content and aim high to increase your chance of getting good traffic and leads to your site.

Closing Thoughts

While some people have declared blogging to be dead, the fact is it’s still an essential part of your online branding and marketing, and it’s a great way to build your page rankings and drive traffic to your site. The key is to remember that, while content is still king, without a vigorous promotion strategy, that content is just sitting in the void not benefiting you.


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