Blockchain Technology: Skyrocketing the Demand for Blockchain Engineers

Blockchain Revolution

Blockchain is a revolution that cannot be ignored by anyone. It has completely revolutionized the way we think and trust. The technology has created a wave in the multinational companies by securing customer’s data with its astonishing features of transparency and audit-ability. Records and transactions can be now highly secured with the help of blockchain technology.

It is soon going to disrupt every industry including data management, insurance, real estate, cybersecurity, healthcare, energy, manufacturing, and the list is never-ending. The disruption caused by this technology is making the industries secure and safe and bringing in business. Data management is the vital reason why blockchain technology is currently being adopted at all levels of the business environment. With the increasing adoption of this powerful technology, the demand for blockchain engineers is increasing at a fast pace.

Fact Alert

Upwork saw blockchain rise to the fastest-growing skill out of more than 5,000 skills in terms of freelancer billings- a year-over-year increase of more than 35,000 percent. According to Hired, a job search site, there’s been a 517% increase in demand for software engineers with blockchain development skills in the past year.

According to an analysis by Hired, the role of blockchain engineer is highly sought-after grabbing the record of +517% followed by security engineer (132%), embedded engineer (76%), data engineer (38%), back-end engineer (33%), ML engineer (27%), mobile engineer (15%), full-stack engineer (7%), and front-end engineer (4%).

Skills Required to be a Blockchain Engineer

Companies are interested in hiring blockchain engineers who have experience in the blockchain space. There are a plethora of blockchain engineering roles for the developers and to step into this world, you ought to upgrade your skills and knowledge level. Most of the companies are looking to hire engineers who have experience in building decentralized applications. Strengthen your skills on this basis and no one can ever replace you.

A career in blockchain technology is not as easy as it may seem. These engineers have to be open to learning since blockchain has a lot of new things to offer. Develop hard programming skill sets and be a mix of a junior economist, a software developer, a data geek, and auditor. Dedication in an engineer is what matters the most.

You need to be a problem-solver and possess the ability to discover and process information by judging its correctness. Mastering data analytics, traditional programming or software development practice, and cryptography can make you work with top companies.

Brush up your basics of blockchain concepts and how it is different from Ethereum and Bitcoin. Understanding these concepts and building a solid foundation can be fruitful for you. Blockchain certifications are a great way to ensure that you stay one step ahead of others. They make you stay updated with the current trends and technology. Certifications prove that you are committed to your chosen field and are always willing to learns more. This is the quality that every employer nowadays looks for in an employee.

Blockchain certifications are enough to make you grab handsome salary packages in top companies. A few of the best certification bodies that you must consider include Central Blockchain Council of America (CBCA), IBM, Saïd Business School – University of Oxford, and Blockchain Training Alliance. You can even go for online blogs and articles to educate yourself and become the best blockchain engineer.

It’s time to make your gear up and make your blockchain career as it being the hottest topic of the year will open new job opportunities in no time. All you have to do is- be prepared!

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