BIG SUN’s iPV Tracker Produces 30-50% more Energy and Creates 99.9% Operational Availability for PV Systems

The operational availability of the solar energy during daylight is the main focus in the industry.
To increase the availability of solar energy, BIG SUN, a Taiwan-based specialist in solar energy solutions, has developed an innovative iPV Tracker.
Big Sun’s Solar Tracker and IoT-Based Monitoring create 99.9% operational availability for PV systems.
As the first dual-axis solar tracker capable of doing a 360° rotation, iPV Tracker’s universal axis design is really a simple but sturdy construction of steel wire ropes and pulleys that make sure that the modules are facing the sun.
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The iPV Tracker adjusts its angle every five minutes so that it has on average 30~40% more annual generation capacity over PV systems with fixed-tilt mounting.
iPV Tracker has been installed at more than 2,000 units worldwide and achieved excellent overall operational availability rate with IoT system “iPVita”, a real-time monitoring solution.
Conventional fixed solar tracking systems are susceptible to shading which reduces the power generation. While, iPV Tracker using backtracking algorithm, prevents shading by optimal angle according to time of day, geographical location and season. It results in more power generation from the solar system.

“iPV Tracker has been tested and verified in field operations, delivered more than 99% availability from global case studies. Also, the internationally renowned consulting firm, Black and Veatch, has issued their technical due diligence report for the iPV Tracker. Thus, we can say the technology of iPV Tracker is really mature,” says Chairman of BIG SUN, Summer Luo.
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Higher Power Output and Rising Cash flow (Source: iPV Tracker)
Some of the silent features of iPV Solar Tracker are:
IoT-Based Monitoring creates 99.9% operational availability for PV systems.
Robust & Affordable – Easy installation, operation, and low maintenance costs.
Accurate – Preprogrammed algorithm, 360 deg horizontal axis and 0-40 deg tilt angle.
Site Flexibility – H-piling foundation allows for rapid install and eliminates extensive land grading, concrete paving and curing.
Durable and Reliable – It’s wind resistant, has backtracking algorithm, easy dust and snow removal. High wind loads automatically stow to horizontal position (safety mode).
Intelligent – iPVita is a smart, real-time and portable monitoring solution.
iPVita web-based monitoring system provides real-time monitoring of power generation, environmental information, system status, fault notification, troubleshooting tracking, PR analysis, as well as remote control of iPV Tracker. It helps the iPV Tracker to be performed optimally.
The overall profit from iPV Tracker is much higher than the total investment costs. Therefore, it can provide a stable cash flow; its 20-year cumulative cash flow is much higher than those from fixed and single-axis systems.
iPV Tracker is applicable to ground-mount, roof-mount, agriculture, and carport, with either on-grid or off-grid systems.
BIG SUN Group is constantly improving and innovating, which has enabled the iPV Tracker to be granted with multi-national patents and has been awarded with Taiwan Industry Innovation Award (2013).
Also, its derivative product “iPV Smart Farm” has won the Taiwan Outstanding Photonics Award (2015) and the Top 10 Highlights Award (2015) at the SNEC PV Expo. (Source: iPV Tracker)

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