Big Data: How It Is Responsible For Advanced App Development?

Big data helps derive customizations as an inherent part of futuristic mobile applications.

Data was everywhere, is everywhere since time immemorial. But, technology to collect, process and turn it into a functional form has just been developed. It will be called as the future technology and some futuristic organizations are looking for ways to make optimal use of this tool at their hands.

We have enormous amounts of data that is stored through our web activities, mobile downloads, social media communications, Google ‘searches’, etc. Everybody is collecting and storing data at their ends. Powerful processors reorganize this data and process it through, and tools are available with agile app developers to transform it into usable form in web forms and applications, in constantly evolving forms. For a better result, find a developer to build an app.

Table Of Contents

  • What is Big Data?
  • Applications of Big Data in Advanced Apps
  • Curating important content for Customizations
  • Meandering through Marketing Strategies with Ease
  • Dynamic Data Deliveries
  • Emerging Sales Options
  • Conclusion

What is ‘Big Data’?

Do you remember the ‘We use Cookies reminder: Accept/Decline’ option, while visiting websites? A web ‘cookie’ is nothing but a block of information sent by the website, stored in the viewer computer, that helps the host website track user views and activities. This is just an example or a one way of collecting data.

Similar data is being collected by all web related platforms, mobile applications and all internet activities including images, videos captured by the users and put online in any form. Technology tools now enable processing through this data and then use it to create customizations as per user choices and requirements. Even the advertisements displayed by these platforms can be organized as per user choices. The application of this priceless reservoir of information is ‘unlimited’. 

Applications of Big Data in Advanced Apps

With millions of mobile applications stepping into this digital world on a daily basis, more of newer technologies and methodologies are required by businesses of all types to offer their intended clients an extra edge of richer user experience. Big Data plays an important role in development of these customizations:

  • Curating important content for Customizations: Mobile App developers these days, have a complete knowledge of the importance of ‘Big Data’ and the informative insights it provides about the customers. 

Now, it is relevant to understand here, that ‘big data’ is not just any other set of information. This includes eons of information,  much over and above in terms of quantity and quality to be processed by a simple mobile application. This data is being utilized by brands world over to customize products and services as per customer needs.  For instance: Amazon with its huge customer base data of more than 150 million people and its very own Big data company, AWS (Amazon Web Services)  has been the leader in this segment time and again.

There are some other ‘big data’ companies as well, with the tools to collect, process and organize this data into usable report formats to help app developers and app owners to analyze and understand customer requirements and behavior and then create products aimed for a better user experience.

  • Meandering through Marketing Strategies with Ease: Marketing is one of the most important aspects of app launch and app success, as it is responsible to gain user interest and trigger downloads. Big data helps entrepreneurs read into the mindsets of users itself. It provides information about choices of users and their expectations. As a result, it helps app owners and developers to lock-in important functional inclusions that can help them develop a new advanced app with a step better functionality, providing an edge over competition and richer user experience. Platforms like Facebook are proof what this strategy can do for modern day application developments. 
  • Dynamic Data Deliveries: The amount of data being generated and required to be processed is multiplying by the minute. The issue is that the type and form of this data is also evolving. Thus, the data processing tools too need to evolve. With rapid change in user trends and popping newer technologies, the advanced apps are going a step further every next day. A futuristic company is well aware of the importance of keeping ahead of these developments and thus, they tend to look for ways beforehand to stay a step ahead. For Instance: A fitness tracker earlier used to count calories only. With advances, they can now monitor steps, heart rate and even sleep patterns. Fitbit Versa 2 is a prominent example.  Big data provides a solid foundation to take this leap of faith towards newer technologies and create applications that resonate with these technologies and their presentations.
  • Emerging Sales Options: Advanced applications are not just a medium to connect to the intended customers. They are indeed a package of information that drives sales. Infact, there are a host of mobile applications, wherein they are the only modes of sales. For instance : Companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, amongst many others rely completely on their smart websites and apps to perform all sales functions. These organizations need to study user data and choices in detail and then make decisions on their own market presence. Big Data helps to provide a clear insight to their applications  as to which customers are looking for which product, what are their price index requirements, etc. Then, there are other modern day applications like gaming applications, travel apps, amongst others, which require in-app or promotional purchases. Big Data is the helping hand that helps these companies analyse patterns and trends from the enormous amount of user data and then use it in the most profitable manner.


Big data is posed to play a big role as ‘support’ in all usability and functionalities of futuristic advanced applications. The coming era belongs to evolving customization and personalization of user experience and data, which will be sieved as per earlier user activity. Apps will show exactly what the user wants to see and find; this is the true power of big data analytics.

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