The Best Party Destinations in the World

How do you want to spend your vacation this season? Are you looking for a place to spend your time making merry and partying all through the season? We have the answer you need. This list of the best party destinations covers the places you can peacefully spend your vacation and enjoy the best dinner, music, and dance all night while meeting new friends and staying happy. (Image)

Prepare your travel passport and get in the mood to enjoy your vacation. Let your mind rest as you experience life in another part of the world with this list of the top destinations for partying around the world.

These are some of the best party destinations to consider adding in your bucket list.

1. Ibiza, Spain

Located in the Mediterranean Sea, Ibiza is a partying hub in Spain. The island hosts partying tourists from all over the world in all seasons. Beaches and clubs are accessible all the time during the day and night, and they are always full.

Ibiza island is located about 93 miles from Valencia, the Southeast coast city. You will love the lively markets and the ‘60s to ‘70s music parties. It is no doubt that popular magazines have listed Ibiza as the best beach party destination.

2. Las Vegas, United States

Las Vegas
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It would only be unfair to talk about partying around the world and ignore Las Vegas. The City of Las Vegas is one of the few places on earth where partying goes on all the time. Whether you have woken up early in the morning or you come late in the afternoon, you will still find people going on with their partying business.

The cosmopolitan Hotel, for instance, is an ideal destination for unlimited fun around the clock. For a wild dance and all clubbing activities, you can head over to Pure. You also get to experience awesome sightseeing while enjoying your party.

3. Bangkok, Thailand

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Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, is a delightful city full of beauty, eateries, and joints. Clubbing in Bangkok is will delight you because of its unique diversity. Entertainment does not only end in clubs. You can experience life with exceptional delicacies and learn more about their culture and lifestyle.

Soi Nana, for instance, a Chinatown district, is a fun-filled destination. Partying in Soi Nina is one of the adventurous, yet relaxing, experiences in Bangkok.

4. Berlin, Germany

For people who want to party every day, Berlin is your destination. Orania Berlin Hotel is a Berlin hotspot offering restaurant, concert, bar, and retreat services. For a top partying experience, head over to Berghain. It is a popular destination for wild parties. However, the door policy here is strict.

But in case you cannot get in, you can easily find another place within the city. Kreuzberg could be your next stop for their diversity. Embrace their culture as you party.

5. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town
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South Africa is one of the central partying destinations in the Southern Hemisphere. The city has beautiful scenery, and partying often takes place outdoors where you entertain yourself with the festivities as well as the surrounding. The seaside city does not have strict codes, and you can enjoy your tour in your manner.

Looking for a party in Cape Town should not be a problem. In most places, the venues serve both as cafes and bars. In the night, they also serve as clubs and partying scenes where you can dance your night away without moving from one corner of the city to another.

6. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Partying in Rio is unlike most cities around the world. There are many places for nightclubs. The partying starts early and ends early. People end their night parties early so that they can go beaching the following day. There are a lot of activities to do while partying in Rio.

During the weekends, you can expect live music performances, especially choro and samba. One can enjoy a splendid evening with there loved ones while drinking the famous angry orchard rose cider. Among the many partying centers in Rio is The Week, which is among the biggest clubs in the entire South American continent. Unlike most clubs in town, The Week remains open until 7 AM on Sunday.

7. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Although Amsterdam seems to be a relaxed city, many people come from all over the world to party and experience life in a different dimension. You cannot miss a party even after finishing your busy day.

Most cafes and bars in the city center remain open till 3 AM. For those who are into wild parties, you can go to a dance club during the weekend and enjoy the music until 4 AM. Warehouse Elementenstraat is one of the dance destinations in Amsterdam that you may want to visit for various genres.

8. Seoul, South Korea

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The South Koreans are peculiar. They work extremely hard, go beyond the timeline limits, and ensure they achieve their best in business, studies, or any field. However, immediately they are through with their daily activities, it is party after party. I am not sure if they have enough time for sleeping.

When it is time to party, there are numerous multilevel clubs in Seoul, and people crowd them all night. Most of these clubs run until the morning after the sun rises. For the high-end clubbing experience, head over to Gangnam. Here, you will experience a combination of New York City and West Coast partying styles.

The youngsters and budget travelers flock at the Hongdae. Here, you can enjoy underground music and adapt to the Seoul lifestyle, entertainment, and more.

The Verdict

Clubbing and partying is a thing most people do around the world. After work and achievements, you want to entertain yourself and fill your belly with whatever pleases you. Although you can go clubbing to nearby joints, it is ideal to experience life in another part of the universe as you spend your vacation.


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