What Are the Best Modern Fire Prevention Technologies?

As one of the most powerful forces of nature, fire is undoubtedly something to be both revered and feared. It is essential for modern day life, but can also cause untold destruction in a matter of minutes. As such, fire prevention/protection technologies are more important than ever in ensuring people can go about their lives in safety.   

Luckily, such technologies are constantly being developed and improved, and there is now a wealth of different types to explore. Here are some of them.   

Flexible Sprinklers  

Modern buildings are designed very differently to the buildings of old, with unique aesthetics and quirks now a regular part of architecture. For those buildings with a less traditional structure, installing regular sprinklers can be a difficult task, especially if they have a glass ceiling or adjustable ceiling.   

Thankfully, flexible sprinklers are an effective solution to this modern day conundrum. Rather than being attached to a solid pipe, they are connected to a reel which supplies them with water and the flexibility to move, making for incredibly effective modern fire protection.   

Smart Smoke Detectors  

Smoke detectors have long been a staple of fire prevention, and remain an effective warning when a fire first breaks out. However, advances in modern technology have taken this one step further, with smoke detectors on the market which can be connected to a smartphone or tablet via the internet.   

This means that if a fire starts while no one is in the building, the occupant will still be alerted if one starts, and potentially be able to deal with it before it causes lasting damage. Video image smoke detectors also exist, which can recognize smoke through video and allow the owner to see where a fire may have started.   

Fire Simulation  

Those fires which start outdoors in dry grassland or woodland can often be the most deadly, and the fastest to spread. Predicting where they might spread to has traditionally been fairly challenging, but technology has now been developed to help with this.   

Fire simulation software can predict the behavior of a fire, taking various different environmental factors into account (how leaves and twigs interact with fire, for example). This should help firefighters tackle some of the larger fires more effectively in the future.   

This ultra-modern fore prevention technology is incredibly effective, but its development won’t end here. There will be plenty more tech to come which should help to make deadly fires an extremely rare occurrence. 


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