The Best Christmas Party Ideas for 2021

This year’s round of Christmas has a lot of making up to do. A lot of people didn’t get much of a Christmas at all last year, having to keep the numbers down or postpone, keeping Christmas presents in the cupboard until they saw who they were going to in mid-summer.

So, with that in mind, people are going harder and better for their team’s Christmas party, throwing all the cliches about dry turkey and small talk out the window for a night of genuine fun. There are a lot of ideas milling about, so take a look at our choices for the best.

VR experience

VR might just be something that office workers will have to get used to if Mark Zuckerberg has his way, so why not introduce them to it in the most fun way possible.

There are VR experiences popping up all over the nation, kitted out with headsets, gloves, and 360-degree treadmills that will allow you to go wherever you want in the game. You can be dropped into any situation and have to navigate your way out with your teammates.

The most popular games are the scary ones. People’s true colors and strengths appear in these games where you could be exploring a creepy house and have something manifest in front of you. Team leader Jane will stride towards the Pyramid head and take aim, while the mailroom kid runs in the opposite direction.

Make sure to have someone standing nearby with a camera, because people’s visceral reactions in the real world are a great source of hilarity. And don’t forget to book this year’s Christmas party with a projector to laugh at all the footage.

Rolling restaurant

If you would like something a little more low-key, you can book a table at one of the nation’s rolling restaurants. What are those? Well, they can be anything from the iconic red London bus to riverboats, kitted out with restaurant tables, impressive food and drink, and music.

You can take an ongoing tour of the city while enjoying a gourmet meal. See all the sights with your team, even making a stop here and there. The meals can be as simple as afternoon tea, or as elaborate as a three-course Christmas dinner and your team members will love the chat and singing as they roll about the city.

It’ll allow your team to relax and gab while having no shortage of things to talk about as the sights pass you by.


‘Tis the season to give back, and enough of us don’t do enough to aid our community. If you like the idea of turning your wild night out into something good for humanity, think about volunteering.

You can take the team to your local food bank to give out food or pack up a van with sleeping bags and water bottles and roam the streets looking for people in need.

There is also the option of supporting your favorite charities by shaking a can, but if you want to take it up a notch, you can turn your Christmas party into a charity fundraising event, selling food and cakes, playing games, and all the good stuff that you see Pudsey making an appearance at.

Even better, turn the whole night into a fundraising event. If someone is looking to do a challenge to raise money, get the whole team involved. Marching, running, extreme sports, bucket challenges, and more can all get the team involved in the one goal of raising funds for a good cause.


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