The Best 3D Pen in 2019

The recent advancements in technology introduced to us 3D pens. These devices let you create three-dimensional “pictures” in thin air. A dream come true for any artist or child. It enables them to showcase their creativity in a way not possible before. When we were kids, our tools couldn’t quite complement our creative impulses, but with innovations like these, children today will face no limits.

Scribbler 3D printing pen V3

As one of the best professional 3D pens out there, the first thing you will notice about it is its ergonomic design. The curved form along with the overall slimness and lightweight of the pen makes it easy to use as well as ensuring that you have a comfortable grip.

The Best 3D Pen in 2019

In addition, the 3D pen is equipped with an LED screen that enables you to monitor the rate and temperature of the filament being ejected. Instead of keeping you in the dark, the LED makes sure you are well aware of the settings at all times.

The 3Doodler

This pen was produced specifically for kids ages 6-13 wanting to bring their imagination to life in 3D. Its 3Doodler Start plastic isn’t toxic, and like the pen, is designed to be safe for kids over the age of 6 to use.

The 3Doodler pen extrudes low heat plastic that hardens at an instant, enabling kids to literally draw in the air. Moreover, it is one of many educational toys. As a tactile learning toy, the pen inspires design, planning, building, and spatial understanding.

AIO Robotics full-metal premium

AIO Robotics’ full-metal premium pen is the most comfortable option on the market and one of the best 3D modeling solutions. The light barrel feels great in the hand without the loss of any build quality, reducing your fatigue.

While its control buttons enable you to adjust the temperature and feed rate to suit your materials and design needs and give you more control than you’d have with some of the cheaper options on the market. The pen isn’t cordless which might feel limiting to some.

3Doodler Pro

As the original mainstream 3D pen developer, 3Doodler took all its experience and produced a pen particularly for professionals – resulting in the introduction of 3Doodler Pro. The pen has deep levels of control over speed, power, and temperature as well as an LCD display to make everything clear.

The weight and grip offer enormous ease-of-use while its filaments vary widely for things like copper, wood, bronze, nylon finishes and polycarbonate. The 3Doodler Pro is the best 3D printing pen available right now but isn’t cheap at all.

CCbetter intelligent pen

CCbetter claims to have resolved the weaknesses of 3D pens initially available in the market with their intelligent 3D printing pen. The product is accompanied by a year-long warranty which is the longest warranty available to users.

The robustness of the pen also acts as a guarantee for longer usage duration. Besides its durable materials, the product offers safety to customers by having an almost instant plastic cool-down period. Similarly, the standby function further ensures that the pen doesn’t get more heated than it has to.

Whether you’re a professional looking for tools of trade or a parent looking for a gift for their kids, 3D pens are perfect for artistic use. Compare things like price, cooldown period, level of control and warranty, and you will have no trouble to find the option that suits your style.

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