Benefits of using Renewable Energy Resources for your Home

In recent times, the adverse effect of global warming is becoming more pronounced and countries are launching sustainability goals to curb the menace. In fact, companies are also changing their operations to suit a more renewable lifestyle and they are supporting research related to renewable energy.

Even with the level of awareness about renewable energy, many of us still do not know much about the different energy sources available to us. We think it is restricted to solar and wind. Let’s take some time to explore the different renewable energy resources.


Solar energy needs no form of introduction. It is one of the most popular renewable energy sources and it is available in several forms. It can be when energy from the sun is captured and converted into electricity. The solar energy can also be concentrated and then used to heat up a building.


Wind is such that energy is generated once the speed in that region exceeds a threshold. For one, it is important that there’s a large expanse of land as the technology might prove futile if the energy being generated doesn’t measure up to standard. But if these requirements are met, the potential energy available to be delivered is infinite.


This is when you use the residue of a decaying plant or waste products from animals to provide heat or electrical energy. The materials are processed via some special technology and then it is used to serve the specific purpose. One thing about this method is that it is quite cheap compared to other sources and it is readily available. We also have the wave, tidal, hydro, geothermal, and other sources.

Why Should You Use Renewable Energy Resources in Your Home?

This is a million-dollar question with a billion-dollar answer. Think of Toyota, BMW, and even Ford. They have all announced their plans to reduce carbon emission and their subsequent card will feature these properties. When we look at it critically, you might be tempted to inquire about the real reason underpinning the switch to renewable energy resources. Is it just because they care about the environment?

There are also other advantages you stand to gain if you use renewable energy in your home. Without any further ado, let’s get to answer the questions.

energy consumption

Reduction in Energy Bills

You can be sure that the amount you have to pay will be significantly reduced when you install solar windows or energy efficient doors in your homes. This is because during the summer when the heat is scorching, there are specialized dyes that absorb the irradiance and then keep the temperature of your house optimal.

Similarly, during the winter period, you can be sure that the cold will now affect your home as much and you won’t spend as much money on HVAC. Also, installing a solar panel will reduce your dependence on the electric grid and this will ultimately reduce the amount you spend on energy bills.

Opportunity to Earn Tax Credits and Rebates

Remember that in the first paragraph of this post, we discussed the plague of global warming and how it is receiving widespread attention? Well, the government is really interested in this matter and they are rewarding anyone who shows interest in the cause.

For one, you get about 30% of the total system costs back as federal income tax credit whenever you file your taxes. Let’s just say you spend about $25,000 on the total installation, you get back $7,500. This is pretty huge, right? There are also other programs available in different states that were launched just to encourage the average homeowner to go renewable.

You Make Extra Income on the Side

It has been advertised as one way to become your own boss and it is not a deception. You can install solar PV panels, generate enough electrical energy for your home, and then sell electricity to others who are in need of electricity. This is one of the strategies Solar City adopted when they began operation. Within a few years, the money you make here will offset the amount you spent to install the system.


Undoubtedly, there are other benefits you enjoy when you go green. Some people use it as bragging rights to their friends and peers, others use it to win over the general public in a contest for office. But ultimately, you are making the world a safer and better place and this is more than enough reason to exploit the renewable energy opportunities.


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