The Benefits and Drawbacks of Online Learning

The impact of technology has an immense effect on children and education. Now providing a great education for a child is no more a dream as it is economical.    Learning is an integral part of both working and personal life.   

Online learning is one of the platforms that provide a great opportunity for learning. Since online learning is more on practice, now it’s easy to download education app for students, latest updates across the world and several other useful informative applications with just a click.  

Benefits of Online Learning  

• No restrictions and no boundaries  

At present condition, along with location restrictions, time is also a matter of issue that is been faced by both students and instructors.   

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  In case of time, it limits the number of people to only to those people who can attend at a definite time whereas in case of location it limits the number of participants to only to those people who have the ability to participate in that specific area. Online Learning facilitates both the aspects without any restrictions.  

• Systematic Learning  

App-based learning enables both smart and systematic learning. Mobile apps play an integral part in systematic learning. The apps are organized in a systematic manner.   

For example, one can create an online library regarding CBSE subjects wherein students have a complete access to all textbooks regarding each subject. It just becomes easy for students to go with the flow without even realizing.  

Drawbacks of Online Learning  

• More Work   

Compared to traditional classes, online classes require a higher amount of assignments and reading.   

It is evident that programs are developing the quality of their online courses which means that students have to work harder to prove that they have mastered the material.   

• Profound Requirement For Self-Discipline  

In traditional college programs, advisors are available to provide guidelines and plan their path in college. It is not problematic if it is a matter of one or two courses.   

In case if a student is planning to pursue a full-time course or degree online than he/she has to be dedicated to gathering the information that is required to ensure that they are choosing right classes for a degree plan.   

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