Beauty Trends: Best Hair and Makeup Tips in 2020

As we step into a new year as well as a new decade, we’re encountering exciting new trends and innovations in the beauty industry. From crazily-shaped eyebrows and contouring to unicorn-themed everything and various beauty challenges (remember one hundred layers of everything?), we saw a host of different beauty trends during the course of the previous decade. This was also a time when the beauty industry became more inclusive, setting new standards and reshaping the way beauty is perceived. So, to kick things off this year, we’re sharing some of the best hair and makeup tips we will all be following in 2020. Scroll on! (Photo by KAL VISUALS on Unsplash)

Warm, rich shades

When it comes to hair colors we’ll be seeing everywhere in 2020, hues range from soft orchard reds to ultra pale blondes, and there’s a bunch of variations in between. For those with natural hair color looking to make an update with a shade of red, head to the salon and ask for warm reds – you should be able to get the desired look after one visit. However, if your hair has been dyed, achieving the orchard red, coppery-auburn tones will require some additional work and the popular balayage technique.

If you’re a brunette looking for a change, try out the new technique called twilighting – the result you’ll end up with is pretty low-maintenance, and the gorgeous color will reflect wonderful hints of rich gold. As for the blondes, 2020 is all about going big or going home, so consider stepping out of your comfort zone and going beyond blonde with pale neutral beiges for a fresh, new look.

Soft layers and beachy waves

Aside from warm hair colors, there is a wide range of hair trends we’re going to rock in 2020. Drawing inspiration from the 70s, curtain bangs are going to blow up this year, as they’re an easy way to frame the face without committing too much. The relaxed, beach waves are going to be huge this year, and with the right styling tools, they’re quite easy to make at home. Beachy braids are another hairstyle we’ll continue to wear, mainly because it’s practical and weatherproof.

Longer lengths will be big in the upcoming year, but if you’re trying to grow out your short hair, consider getting long clip in hair extensions online as a temporary solution. Even if you have long hair, extensions are quite handy to have if you need more volume. If celebrities like Chrissy Teigen can rock them, so can you.

Pretty in pastels

When the models for various designer houses hit the catwalk this year wearing pastel hues, women and girls all around the world took note and followed suit. Fashion giants such as Oscar de la Renta and Alice + Olivia had their makeup artists take out their pastel palettes and use them to add a splash of color on the otherwise bare-faced models.

Fresh mint green, lemony yellow, dreamy lilac, and baby blue were applied either by using eyeshadow palettes or relying on a trusty eyeliner to pack a colorful punch. Given how well the looks were received, soon enough we can expect the pastels to take over the makeup aisles in many drugstores so you can test the waters yourself.

Flushed in blush

Another major trend that is starting to take over social media, especially platforms like Instagram, blush-pink look is all the rage these days.

The soft hints of rosy pink are achieved by subtle sweeps of blush on cheeks and eyes, while the dewy glow is obtained by relying on the lightweight foundation, resulting in a subtle, fresh makeup look. Lips are also covered in a blush pink hue, helping you get the summery, sun-kissed look even during the colder months.

Au naturel

If pastel tones and blush-pink makeup isn’t your thing and you’d rather stick to a raw, natural look, you’re going to like this next beauty tip – non-touring. Anti-contouring in essence, non-touring relies on highlighting to achieve a natural, soft glow.

Wish you could get thicker, fluffier, more filled-in brows? Forego the microblading and brow tattoos, and go for brow lamination. It’s like getting a perm, but for your eyebrows. Needless to say, the results achieved with this brow technique are very natural, so if you’re into looking au naturel, this one’s for you.

An eventful decade is behind us, and while we’re waving goodbye to some of the trends we once followed religiously, we’re preparing for all the surprises and innovations that come with the start of a new decade. From non-touring and pastel shades to twilighting and 70s-inspired hairstyles, there’s plenty of beauty trends we can look forward to wearing in 2020. Which trends will stick around and which ones will fade away? Only time will tell.

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