Beat the Heat This Summer with These 4 Moving Tips

Beat the Heat This Summer with These 4 Moving Tips

With the blistering-hot sun shining down on everyone this summer, the mere thought of moving already has you producing a puddle of sweat. Mix in the natural stress that comes along with packing up and finding good moving solutions, and you’re forecasted to hit record highs.   

The good news is, summer is a popular time of year for people to move, and thus there’s a ton of insider tips on staying cool both physically and mentally as your start your new chapter.   

Here’s how to beat the heat and keep your anxiety in check as you gather your belongings and head to a new neighborhood.  

Dress for the Occasion  

If you are a fan of heat exhaustion then heavy clothing is the way to go. But, if you want to survive the summer heat, dress in light, breathable clothing. Loose-fitting attire made of cotton or linen is ideal for balmy temperatures because they allow air to circulate through the material, which will keep moisture at bay and help you stay cool as you rummage through a room full of boxes.   

Avoid dark colors, such as black, and instead, wear white or beige shades as they’re known for reflecting the sun’s hot rays. For the ultimate protection, make sure to accessorize with a hat and sunglasses to protect those areas from unwanted exposure.  

Mornings Are Your Best Friend  

Since the sun is at its peak between 1pm and 3pm, you should arrange to begin your move in the early morning hours. If you can get the larger, trickier items loaded up, or ideally unpacked, before the sun is at its peak and save the smaller items for later in the day, you’ll be much happier – and less sweaty – during your move.   

Get the AC Going  

Before you move, make sure you contact your utility provider to ensure you have access to electricity and air conditioning. Either turn the AC on prior to your arrival or if you’re doing a long distance move, wait a few minutes for the place to cool down before heading inside to unpack.  

Even if trekking inside is only a brief respite from the sweltering heat, it’ll be the driving force you need to remain charged and motivated throughout the day.   

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate  

Remember those beloved childhood days when you’d play outside with friends only to have your fun interrupted by concerned parents, urging you to drink water?   

It’s time to relive those days. Heatstroke and exhaustion are the leading causes of paramedic calls during the summer time.   

Moving requires you to exert even more energy than normal, causing you to deplete fluids quicker from sweating. Keep yourself protected by drinking about 20 ounces of water prior to the start of your move.   

Continue to guzzle down the all-important H2O throughout the day to ensure you stay hydrated, replenish lost fluids, and avoid unnecessary fatigue.   

Know Your Limits  

Who doesn’t want to finish moving as quickly as possible? But the truth is, sometimes it’s just too dangerous to push yourself in extreme heat. If you feel dizzy, nauseous, or confused, experience muscle weakness or headaches, it’s time to lie down, cool off, and drink water.   

Heat exhaustion can be deadly, so if these symptoms persist, don’t think twice about calling for help. While moving tends to ignite feelings of frustration and stress, it can be less of a hassle by following these tips during your summer move.


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