Battlefield 5 Game Review

Battlefield 5 – Introduction

Battlefield 5 from DICE slogan is known for one of the most accessible game when it comes to military slim in the battlefield. It opens with a situation where the soldiers are dying in the field in horrible ways. This one is highly impactful and creates horror prevalent in the real war-like situation and evoke the futility of the action.   

Players can use the Origin coupon to gainmore benefit while playing. Something’s, however, look out of the place where you are wearing a full suit with gas mask, jumping out of planes like a real more solid making a perfect landing and then just be able to whack the Nazi with a cricket bat.  

This one creates a huge dissonance as DICE has not been able to maintain the war like situation up until the end. Talking about dissonance they have not been able to fully decide whether the war is hell or just about cool as the Battlefield is no way close to the approximation of grueling war and what makes it more evident is the soldier bleeding in the field crying ‘I wanna go home’ which is totally tasteless and belittling in many ways. It comes to the conclusion that the studios have created something which is not intense and just for fun and a bit silly.  

Something that works for the players is the planes screaming overhead, sniper scopes and tanks all over the field. The map is also huge and adds to the turmoil created a post the destruction in the war. There is something which has attracted mixed reviews which is the possibility of a number of players.   

Here is a possibility of 65 players to play all at the same time. Now on one form multiplayer games are in huge demand but with such a huge number there is this possibility that many of them will be frenzied. It is also a great to return to the World War memories created by the battlefield games ever since. 


The battlefield 5 has a huge map and there are thus many places where you can go. The Players are at full control to create many things on their own. All they have to do is get their tools out and on certain parts of the maps create control lines. With just a simple use of a hammer, you will see a streamline outline of barned wires, sandbags or many other form of fortifications. You are free to do that without any special need of resources.   

This is, however, a slow process and you should be aware that while you are at it you are open to attacks. The players will see its importance at the aerodrome map where the entrance to a aircraft hanger can be covered up with such a thing. There is a common creation of obstacles and Czech hedgehogs to make the war more difficult for the opposite team. There are also some places in the map where trenches can be created to make your troops move swiftly without the possibility of enemy attack.   

There is of course no direct impact of these constructions on the outcome of the battle but they of course change the flow of the map and come as an aid to the players. Maps would get a mixed review but there are a few that are battlefields best so far. The twisted steel is a clear highlight of them all. This is a vast map which is set in France and has enormous bridges which gets dramatically collapsed with the attack of the enemies.   

The players see the most exciting firefights on the bridge and below them are marshy forests. There are two capture points on each end which are strategically placed to make the war more interesting. The enemy teams take the control of the bridge it is a great battle fighting them back to their zones. It is one of the most satisfying parts of the whole game.   

The bridge is elevated hence the snipers get an advantageous position to aim at buildings and swamps which are below. It is a good battle with the enemy when you are at the bridge as it has flaming wrecks and rubbles so that the opposing team will be on its toes to come back and fight each time.   

Another great map on Battlefield is an array which is French countryside covered in yellow rapeseed fields. Here the infantry can control the battle as the area is open and provide protection to the villages and the farmhouses. Something which has not been able to map as much impact is the Devastation, the Rotterdam map which lacks clear geometry and is cluttered for most players’ taste.   

It is, however impressive to the onlookers and atmospheric for its taste. But the players feel that it is messy as there is no clear path and it is poorly placed. There is another Map Hamada which is a desert map for vehicle combat but since there is a lot of time killed between control points which make players anxious and powerless. All in all, there is no bad map on the game just a few ones which are average and not that great which is not bad news.  

Squads are important in the Battlefield and thus they can be spawn as an ally when they are not actively engaged in a combat. There is also a non-medic character which can be engaged to carry on a buddy revive, this could seem like a slower process but is very effective and highly beneficial at the end of the match.

The benefit of the team structure is that when a lot of points are acquired the leader can call on for squad reinforcement.   Things that the players can keep in mind is that there are a lot of changes expected. The complaints are been actively addressed and thus the players can see new modes coming up or can expect to get involved in a new royale genre altogether. Right now it’s a game with just a few good maps but the coming changes it is going to get a lot better and a lot richer.


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