Basic Dressing Rules Every Businessman Should Know

Are you looking into climbing the corporate ladder and becoming the next big name in the industry? One thing is for sure – you’ll need to dress the part first. In the business world, your attire will leave the most important first impression and lay grounds for you to continue or back out. Therefore, you’ll need to be aware of a few simple but essential dressing rules if you want to make the bosses and potential partners take you seriously.

Dress to impress

In the business world, the first impression you leave on potential clients or even employees is everything. It will tell a lot about the way you see business. If you care enough to dress the part, or if you couldn’t care less whether your shoes are polished or not. Many people believe that the way in which you present yourself to potential associates will translate as the way you want others to think of you.

Therefore, you should always strive towards impressing people with your business outfit. Wearing a suit isn’t always a must, but sticking to a somewhat business look is always welcome. A blazer and a pair of jeans is a good choice for every day in the office. But if you’re meeting potential clients and partners, a suit and elegant shoes such as wingtips or square-toed shoes should be your first option.

Don’t show off

While looking polished and neat in a suit will create a positive, serious and responsible image of you, make sure you don’t overdo it. If you’ve already made substantial money from your venture, the last thing you want is to let everybody know it by dressing too flashy. Chunky glitzy jewelry, piercings and even worse, tattoos, should not be prominent. Don’t show off your success in that way. The only adornment that will look fashionable on you is a quality timepiece. A wedding band goes without saying, as that’s not a type of jewelry anyone would disapprove of.

Invest in trendy accessories

When you decide to upgrade your accessories, reach out to leather belts, gold tie clips and fancy ties. Make sure the belt matches your shoes and if you’re going for a super formal event, then match the color/pattern of the tie with a pocket square. Every businessman needs a fashionable and practical wallet, so look for the one that will go with your style. If you choose a premium quality carbon fiber wallet you will make the best choice. A simple phone case featuring a sleek design is all you need to have your phone secured without making it stand out.

Clothes need to fit well

All of the previously mentioned rules will be for not unless your clothes fit well. Namely, every piece of clothing from your dress shirt to pants and the jacket needs to look as if it was made especially for you. Can’t find clothes like that at any store? Look for a tailor in your area and have them either make clothes for you or alter the ones you buy, to fit your figure perfectly.

Just imagine what you’d think about a man with a too loose pair of pants or a shirt that has too long sleeves and is too baggy, and you’ll understand why we’re pointing all of this out. It all comes back to that first impression that must be to the point.

Keep it neat and tidy

After making sure the clothes fit well, you should also remember to clean and press them regularly. Wrinkles will not look good on you. That’s why you need to keep all the shirts and pants neatly ironed before you put them on. Wash the clothes regularly, so they look and smell fresh. That will also improve the smell of your cologne and aftershave. If you’re not an ironing expert, look for dry cleaning services near you and have them take great care of your business attire.

Final thoughts

Making your way through the business world will not come easy at first. However, once you learn to dress well and pick up on some of the basic rules, you’ll be just fine. All you need to remember is that only well-fitting clothes are the right clothes. Plus, always try to look your best by investing in quality clothes, footwear and accessories.

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