Automate the Sliding Gates on a Slope for Comfort and Security

In today’s world, comfort and safety go hand in hand & securing your premises within your home has now become a top priority for every property owner. The good news is that securing your home has now become convenient, affordable & practical at the same time. There is certainly an issue of installation of the automated sliding gates on the slopes and this has been persisting over the years and is subject to much debate. This specifically concerns to gates which are mounted on two wheels and usually run along a track which is fixed to the ground. They are being opened & closed by a sliding gate motor.

The metallic rails and the overall gate structures are sturdy enough so your domestic and office premises remain safe. Also, with sliding gates, you can enhance the level of security by installing alarms and cameras on the gates.

Automatic Sliding Gates for Slopes

Anyone who has ever done basic physics or has ridden a bike will very well know that the things with wheels are usually pulled down when on a sloppy area due to the force of gravity. And when it is the case of an automated sliding gate on a slope, you require more energy from the gate motor to simply stay in position. Once it starts moving downhill, this will require substantially much more force from the gate motor to bring this to a halt. And to start a stationary gate rolling uphill, this takes substantially more force from the motor of the automated gate to bring this to a stop. You can also control these gates with a remote control system and they can also be calculated manually.

The motors of the sliding gates are very well-designed to move forward as well as backward to stop it on the ground level.

How Safe Are Automatic Sliding Gates?

When the suggestion was made that sliding gates can be automated on slopes, no one considered the negative sites of that. Accidents associated with automated sliding gates on the slope have illustrated nothing but a bad design & installation practices. A poorly designed automatic sliding gate that produces a lot of shearing forces consequently results in a horizontal guillotine.

Various forces that are involved with the operation of a motor of an automated sliding gate on a slope would also affect its overall operational efficiency. Several other problems are likely to occur such as the malfunction of mechanical elements gearboxes that bear larger forces. All these results in the poor performance of the sliding gate on slopes.

In today’s world, we have additional safety devices like obstacle detection and safety edges which are built into the control panel or gate motor electronics. However, the safety features of the gate mainly depend on the design engineering and installation of the whole setting.

Even with the safety edges, it would probably be impossible to offer a guarantee that such installation meets all the safety requirements to make the automated sliding gates 100% safe on the slopes.

Today, more and more people are looking for hassle-free safety installations for their property and installing the automated sliding gates provides both safety and comfort. So, if you have a slope and require a sliding gate, then it is advisable to level your slope before installing an automatic sliding gate to ensure safety. Or you can opt for a cantilever gate to secure your property on the slope. Always consult a professional automatic gate manufacturer and installer to find out the best safety installation that secures your property.

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