Is Artificial Intelligence Driving Our Future World?

Artificial Intelligence is driving the future of the world with its other powerful pieces together: big data analytics, cloud computing, and other stupendous tools with AI-powered algorithms.   

Its broader implementation in various sectors including manufacturing industries, banking, Medicare, scientific innovation or automotive, etc., reduces the barriers to complex operations. The outcome is: Artificial Intelligence is being adopted in our everyday life, from map navigation to digital marketing.  

With the innovative works performed with AI in recent years, everyone is beginning to see its business value. It is being summed up in various smarter applications accelerating the pace of innovation.   

But as AI technology is advancing, resulting in the creation of various autonomous tools with a broader impact on humanity giving rise to insecurity against its use. There are risks involved with AI processes such as wrong decision making, reduced transparency, a threat to jobs, which can lead to catastrophic failure.   

Recently a robot named Sophia marked its presence as the first humanoid robot to get citizenship of any country. Its incredible design allows displaying more than 50 facial expressions collecting fame from media. But once in a statement, Sophia said ‘it would destroy humanity.  

Is Artificial Intelligence Driving Our Future World

  These challenges go beyond the ‘human-friendly AI’ which ensures planet earth’s safety. AI is transforming the traditional sectors very efficiently with an opportunity to scale the urgency of the economic and human needs.   

Tool For Good:

Humans have performed many altruistic applications with AI. Various bigwig organizations are generating a massive profit by bringing changes in their working environment with AI.   

Counting from the banking sectors where AI plays a lead role in the prevention and detection of fraudulent transactions in the automotive industries in which the invention of autonomous vehicles brings a new light with innovation. Everywhere AI has marked its valuable presence.   

The extraordinary AI work performance drives the healthcare industry too. AI-powered tools like Watson helps doctors with accurate decision-making and predictions by analyzing an enormous data set. It detects the changes and tries to find the best cure for diagnosis, cancer prevention, and many other incurable diseases.  

Quick Response to Disaster:

AI can perform analysis on the real-time collected data (including satellite, social media, or other channels) of whether to recognize the disaster and other vulnerabilities so that a better and enhanced disaster recovery plan can be prepared and implemented effectively.   

Depending upon the forecast provided by analysis, authorities can give early warning and design the emergency response team with proper coordination between the people and team. An optimal response strategy is prepared by integrating the deep learning analysis into the disaster simulations. It works the same way that AI identifies the best move in a chess game.  

Transforming into Smart Agriculture:

AI-powered agriculture system automates data gathering, decision making, and improvement events with robotics. It detects crop diseases and other issues so to provide nutrition to the stock eliminating the risk and fulfilling the demand and supply chain.   

Apart from this, AI also improves the efficiency of resources used in the agriculture industry lowering the use of water, eliminating pesticides and other chemicals harmful to our environment.  

Others Opinion:

In today’s world, AI is mostly focused on driving business and marketing applications. We are using it through the internet on social media, e-commerce, text message automation, voice recognition, and many other stupendous applications for reducing the extra effort smartly. So how can a machine bring peace or war?  

A vast majority of people think that AI is simplifying their work by transforming the concept of planning, design, and manufacturing enhancing the chances to bring peace and prosperity.   

While others suggest that it will substitute humans in their work making them unemployed. The point is not limited to only unemployment, but they think that an increase in the use of autonomous weapons is the beginning of destruction. Maybe one day AI will take over humanity.?

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