Artificial Intelligence – A Boon or A Bane

Fashion changes from time to time, from one generation to another, so does the technology. Technological development took a great leap between the generations and the human race is quite fond of inventing new technology, learning the pros and cons and getting used to the new technology. 

Humans have seen from the usage of large chips for the storage of information getting converted into nanotechnology which is too small and is very easy to carry. As the world phased into a digital world from analog, humans felt that there can be a way to make the work easy. 

So, humans invented the term “Artificial Intelligence”. This completely changed the scenario of the new digital world. Each and every country on the earth started adapting this technology for their own benefits. 

Effect on Job Opportunities [India]

As artificial intelligence came into the role in a full fledge each and every industry in the country started adopting this technology as it would help them in reducing the amount of investment that was being done on recruiting new aspirants, as well as people, were handed pink slip on a large number or were asked to go for some other policy that will be decided by the company. 

People were generously accepting the offer as they feared of being sacked. A survey was done by the Top btech Colleges in Chennai

The report prepared by them completely stated that there has been a massive decrease in the number of the job opportunities, which either lead the students either to opt for higher studies or to go for a profile which was giving less salary as compared to the degree they possess. 

Effect on the Education System [India]

With the development of the technology, the education system in our country also started adopting the technology which made the interface between the students and the teachers’ very easy. 

Students started clearing their doubts either with help of their teachers or with the help of the pieces of equipment using artificial intelligence as they were very easy to access. The infrastructure of the building, education system, maintaining the record of the students, etc everything changed completely. One of the best examples of this adoption of the new technology was VIT, Vellore. 

As this institute not only changed the given aspects but even the entrance was made online and this technology was used for the selection of the students in this esteemed institute. 

The management has declared that the VITEEE 2018 will completely be based on the technology of Artificial Intelligence.


Every technology comes with some great advantages which everybody is ready to welcome but also comes with some cons which everyone should be ready to face. 

Artificial Intelligence must have taken on everything and it may also happen as some great minds of the world predict that they may take over the world. 

This statement cannot be supported as it is not sure maybe the new generation have something to replace Artificial Intelligence.


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