Apple’s Removal of the Headphone Jack Might Not Continue Till iPhone 9

According to Apple’s top executives, 3.5mm obsolete and must give way to new developments. 

“Audio jack for over 100 years and its latest improvement was 50 years ago, you know that it did just reduce it since that time no one touched a dinosaur’s time to move on.” – The company believes. 

It should be noted that it is not always a solid technology age necessarily mean that it is outdated. 

If users are comfortable with the change for the sake of change is not too wisely. So, iPhone 9 / iPhone 9 Plus is a worthy new addition to the family of “apple” flagships. 

The return of the black body, even in two variations – a pleasant fact. The fact that this housing was sold at the fastest pre-order, shows how consumers are yearning for black. 

It is surprising that the Apple so long delayed the introduction of drip-proof when the premium smartphone competitors (and sometimes even low-end models) are equipped with long-water- and dust-tight

But better late than never: pleased that IP67-certified, and now have the iPhone. Capacitive Button Home – ambiguous update, as well as the lack of audio jacks. 

These changes have to get used to, and the viability and benefits of such technological solutions to users remain to be seen. 

All updates are very nice, the gadget is sure to become the “best iPhone”, but the new line is not drawn. 

Rumors in the press have attributed to the following “apple” smartphone, iPhone 9, a completely new design, frameless glass enclosure, wireless charging, and so on. D. In the next year, we are likely to see, what transforms his famous flagship Apple. 

Probably will not be so obvious to the owners of 8 / 8s Plus benefits, “Seven.” Many of the features and capabilities are the same, and to agree to upgrade is possible only if some of the cardinal iPhone 9 changes are very important for smartphone users. 

But the iPhone 8/6 Plus and owners of earlier models, no doubt, should think about the transition to a vastly improved iPhone 9. “Seven” – this is definitely a step forward for the “apple” of the company. 

Every year, when it is autumn time and Apple reveals new iPhone, blow up thousands of chairs, and the Web is filled with angry comments, saying, “sell the same thing many times more expensive.” 

But, even if the reaction of the Internet audience in the creation of fresh Apple traditionally is negative, the appearance of the new iPhone always causes a stir, followed by intense discussion and … sales growth. 

Take the box with the Apple iPhone 9 Plus is, remove the packing tape, open, on-pas, but inside is still the same, “iPhone” from the face – no changes. 

Well, what can be a good smartphone with a new filling, but the old design?


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