Android Phones With Maximum Resale Value

Android Phones With Maximum Resale Value

Investing in the latest smartphone typically means spending a great amount of money. But if you are smart enough, you will know that you can sell your old mobile phone to retrieve some of the money you spent on it.   

Yes, old, unwanted phones have some value that can be easily recovered by selling them. Nevertheless, if you want to get the most money for your old phone, you will need to determine its resale value when you sell it.   

Here in this article, let us explain you the top Android phones that have maximum resale value. Also, you will learn how to determine the resale value of your old phone.  

Android Phones and Their Resale Value 

Selling an old phone is the best way of making money with it. These days, a large number of websites (such as eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist etc.) have come emerged, which allow people to sell their older mobile phones for cash.  

Furthermore, you can also sell old phones to mobile phone recycling sites. They offer a good price for your old phone as compared to traditional sites. As well, the phone selling process of recycling sites is quite easy.    All you require to do is to enter your phone name on a search box and then the site will provide you with a fixed quote for it.   

The selling price of a mobile phone usually depends on the brand, model, and condition. The world’s popular brands have more resale value than others. Such as, if you want to sell an iPhone 8, you will truly recover the good amount of its original value.   

Though mobile phone recycling companies also accept broken or non-functional phones, the resale value of such phones is fairly less than a good-conditioned handset.   

Mentioned below are three major Android brands that offer the best resale values for their older smartphones.  

· Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy is the biggest Android brand that retains better value than others. You can expect a good resale price on Samsung smartphones than on Huawei, HTC, OnePlus and other Android phones.   

Based on both new and resale prices online, a Samsung Galaxy handset loses around 40 percent of its value in a year, particularly on the launch of the next new models.   

For instance, as you know that with the launch of the latest Samsung Galaxy S9, the price of its preceding model Galaxy S8 has been dropped up to 11% in a few months.   

So, it’s the best time to sell your Samsung Galaxy S8 and recover its maximum value. However, the resale value of your Galaxy S8 typically depends on its condition. If it’s in good condition without having any fault, you will absolutely get up to 50 to 80 percent of the original price of the phone.   

Want to Sell My Samsung S8 with maximum resale? 

· Google’s Pixels 

Google’s Pixels smartphones hold their value for a short period of time. No doubt, they provide a pretty good experience during that time but their resale value might be not so good. With the launch of the latest models, the prices of older models have been dropped down in a high ratio.  


No matter either you like or hate them, HTC smartphones retain quite a lot of their value as compared to Google Phones. Generally, with the release of the latest models, the HTC company drop the prices of its older models up to 50 percent. Therefore, it’s better to sell the old version quickly before the release of new models.  

How Do You Know The Resale Value of Your Android Phone?

If you are going to sell your Android smartphone, your main concern would be to get the most money in exchange for it. For this purpose, you should know its resale value before selling it. Here’s how you can do that:  

· Private Sale

If you are interested in selling your old Android phone via eBay or a similar platform, here’s how you can get an idea what your mobile is worth.    You can simply search for previously sold listings on eBay and get an idea of your phone’s price. Try to look for the sold listings of a mobile phone that is similar to yours in terms of looks and condition both along with the same accessories or box etc. if you have them.   

Mobile Phone Recycling Comparison Sites

If you find the price’s determination is quite difficult on eBay, you can simply go for mobile phone recycling comparison sites for comparing prices. Such kind of comparison sites has made the phone selling really easier than ever before.   

With a solo click on a comparison site, you get a fair comparison of phone prices offered by top recycling firms so that you can easily find the best ever possible price for your old phone.   

All you need to do is to search for your mobile phone by entering its brand name and model in the search bar on Once you do this, the site will present you a list of the best available deals by using the advanced comparison tool in the background.   

You should go for the highest one to sell your phone. After choosing the top deal, you will be redirected to the chosen recycler’s site in order to complete the online sale process.   

And then, you will have to send your phone to the recycler’s address. They will make your payment probably on the same day when they receive your phone via special courier services.   

So, there is no need to look around if you want to sell your old used Android smartphone. Simply search a top-rated mobile phone recycling comparison site, to know the best possible price for your mobile, and then sell it in just a few minutes. Not only will it give you a chance to earn the most money in exchange for your old phone but also save your time and effort. 


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