Reimagining the American Sports Car with Dubuc Motors’ Electric Sports Car TOMAHAWK Achieves Range of 370 Miles

Electrifying mobile transportation through connected vehicles, Dubuc Motors is setting the stage for a revolution in the EV market.   

In a first for electric vehicles, Dubuc Motors announces an unprecedented range of 370 miles per full charge for its Tomahawk electric sports car in initial tests, as reported in PRNewswire.  

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Images credit: Dubuc Motors  

Two entrepreneurs and family men, Mike Kakogiannakis and Mario Dubuc begin the journey in 2004. With a belief that they can produce a more efficient form of transportation without having to sacrifice aesthetics and luxury; decided to research the market and begin a remarkable exploration that merges electric-sourced technology and the automotive space.  


Image credit: Dubuc Motors  

After 12+ years of innovative, eco-friendly research and development, Dubuc Motors poised to launch the world’s first long-range electric sports car ‘Tomahawk’ that merges the finest technology and engineering. The Dubuc team will unveil the final Tomahawk model at the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2017.  


Source: Startengine  

Tomahawk is a luxurious, roomy 4-seater built to be elegant, powerful, intelligent, and environment friendly. It’s rounded, sporty design is noted for being an “American look,” and it’s got scissor doors for maximum super car cred.    


Specs and Features (Source: Startengine)  

With its spacious interior cabin, the sports car is designed to accommodate families—the Dubuc website describes a high-end sports car offering the practicalities of a sedan. But its target demographic is actually tall men, specifically athletes, looking to spend big bucks on a snazzy car.   

The team thinks of the Tomahawk as “Tesla’s cousin,” offering comparable performance while Tesla offers a sedan and an SUV. When compared to hybrids, the Tomahawk outperforms all of them – in speed, looks, and comfort.  

To date, Dubuc Motors has gathered over $5 million dollars in indicated interest for the shares of the company through its test-the-water equity crowdfunding campaign on Startengine.   

“We want to be unequivocally the reference in the electric sports car market. We strive to push the limits and intend to offer the ultimate of what is possible.

This announcement today highlights our commitment to bringing an unsurpassed level of engineering and we believe demonstrates our ability to progress quickly within our space,” said Mike Kakogiannakis, CEO of Dubuc Motors.


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