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The Xbox One X, considered the most powerful gaming console available today, thanks to its amazing 4K and HDR resolution display at eye-popping 60fps is now available on sale. With the 4k Blu-ray player, one can ably stream high-resolution content at a measly $449.99 from June 7th. This signifies a considerable price drop by about $50. 

Since it’s launch in November, the gaming console has registered impressive reviews and good sales. Microsoft decided to offer a sale for avid customers up to June 23rd. It is however expected that in future, the sales quote will likely be a figure below the standard $499.99.

Prior to release, most enthusiasts wondered whether the mystery machine codenamed Project Scorpio would emerge as the most powerful gaming console available in the market. 

At present, Microsoft has come to the fore and said that multiplatform games are more likely to look and perform better on the Xbox One X. Since the latest release has supersampling capabilities, one can downscale a 4K signal to 1080, especially in situations where a 4K TV is not available to handle the high definition.

Looking at the processing power specs, the Xbox One X is light years ahead of the Xbox One and Xbox One S releases. When playing intensive games like Gears of War 4, the distinction becomes clearer in terms of hardware power. The sharpness and detail are particular areas where the Xbox One X excels.

The HDR lighting improvements on the Xbox One X, make games stand out. Explosions seem to pop more and there is a considerable dramatic difference when one starts comparing the release with others side by side. 

The upgraded 60 fps feature also helps Xbox One X stand out from contemporaries like the Xbox One S which only supports 30fps display.

The PS4 Pro is one of the impressive additions to the gaming console equation. Sony’s new PlayStation 4 Pro was the first PS4 to support 4K output and offer HDR10 support. Sony made sure to implement some HDR capabilities with existing PS4 models earlier in the fall. 

In terms of power, the PlayStation 4 Pro is infinitely more powerful than the launch system. This allows developers to locate and conceptualize rich visuals. The market has some of the best Gaming Monitor for PS4 Pro

While 4K and the enhanced graphics processing power are the standout attributes, the bells and whistles are all over. 

The gaming console comes with a brand-new design that looks something akin to the PS4 Slim. The optics involved in design also make the PS4 Pro appear to be considerably larger than ordinary PS4 releases. In truth, it is not really that big since it is only about an inch wider and taller by one centimeter.

The three USB 3.0 ports found on the latest PS4 make the release optimally better than the launch console. The only downfall is that the addition does not support external drives necessary to install games. The hard drive is 1TB and users can access about 860 GB right out of the box. 


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