Amazing Futuristic Innovations of Designer Devina Kothari

Industrial Design Innovation Specialist – Devina Kothari who believes in ‘design for cause’ and making it affordable and easily accessible to the users.

Recognising that no design journey is without hurdles, she believes in marching ahead till the Holy Grail is achieved while adhering to “do not quit till you achieve what you believe in”.

She is an Industrial Designer from Industrial Design Centre, Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay (IIT-B), India.
With more than a decade into the field of design, she has substantiated her skill-set to generate multi and cross-functional design details, experiences and features, making them unique. 
Designer Devina Kothari holds Red Dot Award
Her experience ranges across various sectors from Agriculture, Architecture, Automotive, Consumer Goods, and Interior Design to Healthcare!
Her innovative designs includes; the closed-loop insulin delivery system for people who are suffering from Diabetes, Mizu Ha (a B2B platform for farmers along with smart irrigation clubbed with IoT) and the design for Child healthcare and Immunisation Records, Urja (Cook Stove) and many more. 
Her objective is to make a significant impact on several Business Units, through Design Innovations, in an environment where she can contribute to the professional and personal success of the team and herself.
Recently she has been recognized with many awards for her Innovative design:
  • The Red Dot Award, 2014 for the Insulin Delivery System
  • The Global Ignite Challenge, sponsored by Sanofi, for Innovative Insulin Delivery System
  • The ‘I Design Award’ 2014-2015 for Cornea Care (Ophthalmic Enucleation Kit) and Urja (Cook Stove)
  • Runners-Up, Illunova -2013 (WIDD) for designing the future of a Communication Device
  • She also represented India as a Global Scholar at Global Young Leaders Conference (GYLC), held in Washington and New York City
Let’s talk about some of her Innovations which have been appreciated by the world.

Insulin Delivery System
Inspiration for developing this device came from a mosquito bite, Devina observed that when a mosquito bites, we don’t realise the pain. 
Her uncle, a diabetic, needed daily insulin injections. And after watching the painful process of taking an injection every day, Devina decided that she wanted to do something to ease the pain. 
She invented this device, which integrates insulin delivery with patient’s lifestyle by amalgamating the existing technology advancement with fashion.
It’s a closed loop system that continuously automatically monitors blood glucose levels and diffuses requisite amount of insulin as per the current need of the body through a pain-free micro-needle array.
Cornea Care
It is an Ophthalmic Enucleation Kit that helps to preserve the usability of the corneas up to 48 hours post extraction. This facilitates procuring corneas from rural areas as well, which in turn will help to treat curable blindness at the fastest rate.
Urja (Cook Stove)
A cook stove that burns on ethanol (bio-fuel) and generates electricity while cooking, using thermopiles.
A useful communication device that connects or facilitates interaction between the user to its environment. 

Grow Buckets
Images credit: Devina Kothari
Two Buckets that aid in Hydroponics, one works as Substrate Bucket and other Drainage Bucket. 
Currently Devina is working on ‘Jaya’. Named after her grandmother, it is a software-cum-mobile application that aanganwadis will get to use. It will help them record vaccination details right from the birth of the child till the child is 18 years old.
“The current cards given to patients either get lost or are damaged. So, manual entry cannot be completely relied on. This software-cum-mobile application will make the process error-free,” she says, as reported by Femina
To know about her innovative designs, visit to


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