Amazing and affordable ‘Solar Sprayer’ invented by an Indian farmer

Sangappa Sankanagoud, who has completed his BTech in Agricultural Engineering from the college recently, put considerable efforts into creating the innovative solar sprayer device. Apart from the frame resting on three wheels, the machine includes a solar panel, a battery, motor pump, tank, spray boom, handle, hose pipes, nozzles and lights. Being on earth, he has carried his dreams to where ‘sky is the limit’. At the age of 8, when other kids used to play, Sangappa was helping his farmer father on the field to feed his family. No matter what problems came his way, the young boy sacrificed sleep on hundreds of nights and challenged all the troubles. With 3,600 farmers showing an interest in buying his solar sprayer, today he has become one of the best young agricultural scientists and innovators in India.
clearance solar sprayer machine is used to spread the pesticide on crops. Other
sprayers are present in the market but their efficiency is very low. Usually,
machines available in the market are short in height, harming the crop, but my
machine can be adjusted up to two feet which will not damage the crop. I like
making agricultural machines that aid in the cultivation of crops, so I am
interested in innovation as well as in cultivation” said by Sangappa.
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credit: Vikram Kapoor

further explained, “From childhood, I have been an innovator and have a deep
interest in science. I have also worked in various science projects during my
school days. When I used other sprayers in the field, I felt the machines were
very difficult to use and took a lot of time to operate; so the idea struck me
to make a cheaper and better alternative which can help Indian farmers. I then
joined the Agriculture college at Raichur, where I managed to purchase some
tools and successfully made this machine during the second year of my
engineering degree.”

the Solar Sprayer
sprayer is easy to use and light weight; all its parts can be dismantled and
easily transported. The wheels have long life tubeless tyres which protect them
from puncture. A solar panel, DC battery, DC motor and frames are some of its
other features. One person can easily operate the machine and also dismantle
it. The solar sprayer can be continuously used for seven hours if fully
charged. It can be used during the day even if the solar panel is not charged. As
an extra feature, a mobile phone charging point has been provided to keep a
cell phone.
total height of the machine is 10 feet, which can be adjusted by up to 5 feet.
The weight of the machine is 30 kgs, it increases to 55 kgs when loaded with
water. In the coming future, I am also planning to reduce the weight by 10 kgs.

future plan
ambition is to start an industry so that he can make different types of
machines and provide them to the farmers as soon as possible. Initially, his
plan is to invest Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 15 lakhs for a small industry where other
types of useful machines will be manufactured. He has also invented another
machine, which can directly convert the dry agricultural products to powdered
form. Red chilies can be converted to chili powder. The cost of this machine is
Rs. 15,000; it can give 16 kg of flour per day (2kg per hour).

young innovator has been facilitated by the Federation of Karnataka Chamber of
Commerce and Industry (FKCCI) in the event Manthan at Bangalore. Sangappa won
the first prize of Rs 1.5 Lakh. In Green summit 2014, an awards function was
organised to recognize the Indian leaders in Renewable Energy sector and
acknowledge their contributions that take the industry towards a new and
innovative path. Here, Sangappa won the first prize for his High Clearance
Solar Sprayer.

The young innovator happily says that, “Indian
farmers are poor so I want to invent light and inexpensive machines so that it
will be effective and easy to use. Winning first prize at the FKCCI event was one of the most precious moments
and the happiest days of my life.” Sangappa Sankanagouda belongs to Chikumbi
village in Bhagalkot district of Karnataka.

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