AIRTRON – A Sensor-Driven, Programmable AC Energy Saver, Could Save Energy by 35 Percent!

‘AIRTRON’ AC power saver

Air conditioners consume a huge amount of electricity & burn a big hole in our pockets and due to the lack of an intelligence system in place that further wastes more than 25-40% of it.  As per estimates, air conditioning systems are the main source of greenhouse-gas emissions in the atmosphere.  

An advent of industrialization, unfavorable climatic conditions, and steep growth of middle-class people living in developing countries across the globe, have fuelled the demand for air conditioning units at a much faster rate than anticipated earlier.  

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Image credit: Magnatron  

AC’s are commonplace worldwide across all sectors. There are more than a billion tons of AC’s worldwide and growing at more than 10% p.a., while the US and China have the most ACs in the world.   

Now, Magnatron brings to you a truly disruptive technology ‘AIRTRON’ AC power saver, the world’s first and only programmable, dual-sensor driven microprocessor.   

It saves around 35 percent electricity on all air conditioners with precision control of set temperature and a payback of barely 4-6 months!  

Kishore Mansata, a sole architect & design and patent applicant of the clean technology, set up a Psychometric Lab in 2007 with a Precision AC (PAC) of Schneider and did the research. Thus Airtron has all the controls of a PAC at only a fraction of the cost.  

How it works:  

The Airtron’s dual sensors reference the Room and Coil & Ambient Temp and use complex, multiple algorithms in a “closed-loop circuit” to reduce the Compressor Run-Time, to ensure the high savings while maintaining and displaying the Set Temp. accurately.  

The Airtron is Programmable for your geographical location and climate and adapts automatically to changes in season and ambient conditions.  

Energy-saving is a function of wasted energy – to save energy in A.C’s operating under ever-changing climates, requires multiple algorithms and controls. Thus, simple ‘plug-and-play timers, currently available in the market are not viable, as they lead to an increase in Room Temperature!  

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This unique device has been developed on Patent-Published technology and approved by leading MNC, PSU’S, and Govt. Departments. The Airtron is the only brand in the world, validated by EESL (ENERGY EFFICIENCY SERVICES LTD), MIN. OF POWER, GOVT. OF INDIA, for 44% savings. EESL is the largest ESCO in India, and perhaps in Asia.  

The Airtron has been validated on all AC’s- Inverters, 5 Star, Splits, Multi-Splits, Packages, Ductables, Windows, Cassettes from 1.0 – 20.0 TR. The AIRTRON comes with a Remote for setting the Room Temperature, and in a Non-Flammable Polycarbonate Enclosure, with SMPS Power Supply, to tolerate wide Voltage and Current fluctuations, Surges, Spikes, and Sags. (Source: Magnatron)

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