Airdog ADII – The World’s First Hands-Free, Auto-Follow Camera Drone

Camera drones with their ability to capture everyone’s favorite moments from a completely new and breathtaking perspective, it is no wonder they’re gaining in popularity.

Every drone nowadays either comes with a camera or allows mounting of one, this really a futuristic flying device. 

Controlling a drone using remote is somewhat obstructs your desire for seamless capturing of life moments.

Now, the hands-free and auto-follow camera drone ‘Airdog ADII’ could become your companion to any outdoor activities. 

 Images credit: Airdog via Kickstarter

Airdog’s earlier drone version ‘Airdog 1’ has already proved its success. New version Airdog ADII is built with an advanced intelligent tracking technology and the most cutting-edge autonomous all-terrain flight performance.

Customizable flight trajectories allow for more dynamic angles and obstacle avoidance, and scenic-capture modes for unique filming perspectives. It is controlled with AirLeash without any remote control, joysticks and large display screens!

 Images credit: Airdog via Kickstarter

Furthermore, its pro-grade camera stabilization and auto-record system guarantee smooth, framed, professional-grade footage even in the most challenging elements, such as high speeds, the wind, water, and abrupt elevation and terrain changes.

How Journey of Airdog started?

The invention of Airdog drone was seeded when two business associates, Edgars Rozentals and Agris Kipurs in 2013, were discussing the future of drones in their native country of Latvia. 

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Attracted by a huge potential of drones market, and thought came – if they solve an issue of operator requirement and associated inherent human error! And see the result, emergence of AirDog. Amazing and inspiring story!

What Edgars Rozentals, CEO at Airdog Inc. Says about Airdog ADII:

“At Airdog, we constantly remind ourselves of our humble roots and appreciate this amazing journey we’ve been on. The reception we received from our first campaign far exceeded our expectations. Countless hours of user content that flooded our channels, independent Airdog forums as well as a steady stream of flight log updates, have led the path to our newest release, the ADII.”

If you are an adventurer who needs to capture the stunning moments, this is just for you! It has versatile outdoor applications such as recreational sports, including trail running, surfing, backcountry skiing, mountain biking, wakeboarding, and motorsports.

Some of the features of Airdog ADII:

• Durable and weather resistant construction

• 10-20 minutes flight time depending on flight speed

• Interchangeable 14.8 V, 5550 mAh, Lithium – Ion Polymer batteries

• Wind resistance up to 30 knots (15 m/s)

• Top speed, 45 mph (72 km/h)

• AirLeash range 500 feet (150m)

• Operational ceiling, 3500 meters above sea level (11500 feet)

• Weight 4.40 lbs (2.0 kg)

The Airdog ADII easily folds and unfolds for ultimate portability, and has a built-in LiDAR (distance sensor) preventing the ground collision in varying terrain and extreme changes in elevation at high speeds. 

Its algorithms utilize data from barometric air pressure sensor, accelerometer and GPS to allow for precise and accurate response to extreme elevation changes.


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