Air Pollution Control – A Step Towards A Better Tomorrow

Air Pollution is caused by a release of excessive harmful gases in the Earth’s atmosphere. In other words, it occurs when harmful gases and particulates are introduced into the atmosphere. A physical, biological or chemical change in the environment can be termed as pollution. Air pollution can be broadly divided into two categories. These categories are visible air pollution and Invisible air pollution.

It causes various lung diseases and sometimes leads to the death of living organisms.  Even cars and other automobile devices are one of the main causes of air pollutions, and we need to save our planet from the air pollution.

What are the causes of air pollution?

There are many causes which lead to air pollution. Mostly, it is caused due to the human beings. The main causes of air pollution are as follow:

Air Pollution Control

The burning of fossil fuels-

When fossil fuels are burnt they release harmful sulphur dioxide which causes air pollution. The burning of coal and petroleum is one of the main causes of air pollution. Thus, air pollution control is very necessary. In this case, you need to check your car to decrease the air pollution level, and major car repairs have this facility at their garage.

Agricultural activities-

Activities which are related to agriculture release harmful gas named ammonia. It is one of the most hazardous gases in the atmosphere. Use of pesticides and insecticides might also lead to water pollution as the leftover of these insecticides are discharged into the river through rainwater. This is the main cause of water pollution and we need to dispose of these harmful elements and use the organic fertilizers for harvesting.

Gases from factories and industries-

Manufacturing industries emit a huge amount of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide into the air which leads to air pollution. These industries are situated on the outskirts of the city because of air pollution control. It is very important to stop these factories from releasing harmful gases.

Household air pollution-

Indoor cleaning products emit a lot of toxic substances which pollutes the environment very badly. This might cause lung diseases which leads to asthma. Sometimes, it might also lead to heart problems which result in the death of human beings.

How would you control the air pollution level?

Each and every person should be aware of the growing air pollution. Steps should be taken in order to make our earth pollution free. Some of the steps for air pollution control are as follow:  

  1. The forest should be protected. As forest provides us oxygen and intakes carbon dioxide. Therefore, it is very important for our living. They should not be burnt for industrial purposes.
  2. More and more trees should be planted in densely populated areas. This will help in controlling the air pollution. Establishments of large buildings should be done the green belt area only.
  3. The vehicles should be designed in such a way that emits limited harmful gasses. Old vehicles and engines should be replaced with new ones. Eco-friendly products should be used.
  4. In industries emission of harmful gases should be regulated very carefully and discharge of waste should not be done in the river water. There are many devices available that can help in air pollution control.
  5. Sharing of cars and cycling should be encouraged in every country. This not only helps in reducing air pollution but also reduces the use of fuels.

  Air pollution control is not a very tough job if the whole nation unites together. If nothing is done to stop air pollution, then we will face serious health hazards in the future. By following the above steps, we can easily reduce all types of pollution.

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