Why Aesthetics Is So Important When Designing a Modern Office

Our workplace is often like our second home in terms of how much time we spend there. And having to spend a large portion of your time in an environment that does not evoke positive emotions is not only detrimental to your productivity and your general happiness, but bad office design also hurts companies. Even though aesthetics often takes the back seat in this matter, you need to find a balance between function and look to see your employees thrive. Here are several reasons why aesthetics are so important when designing your headquarters. (Photo by Ken Tomita from Pexels)

Colors affect our psyche

To start with something simple, the colors of your office interior might be influencing the atmosphere – and even productivity levels – more than you would expect. When looking into color psychology, you will see that different colors have different effects on the psyche. For instance, blues are known to be relaxing colors, alongside greens. However, blue light helps us stay awake and focused so that you can use this color to your advantage in more ways than one. Yellow is said to be a bright and energetic color; however, too much of it will backfire and make your employees irritable. Similarly, white creates a beautiful, clean look and is often used in tech spaces, but it can cause eye strain if it’s used excessively. So, a lot of thought has to be put into the aesthetic choices of your office, but don’t be afraid of colors because they are what will inspire your employees.

The layout defines the way we work

Secondly, the way the office space is laid out also determines the productivity of the workplace. The problem is that each of your employees has different preferences when it comes to how they work, and they also probably have different tasks they have to tackle throughout the day. Individual work will likely require quiet corners while brainstorming benefits from creative communal spaces. Designing an office for only one of these purposes will hinder the other. The tech industry is always focused on collaboration, but don’t fall victim to chasing the modern vibe by creating entirely open layouts. The truly modern solution is to implement various zones that are all designed with their specific purpose in mind.

Technology and aesthetics

Most workplaces today use a slew of technology – it’s an integral part of the way we work today. In some offices, the equipment can take up a lot of space and ruin the clean and seamless design the employer has initially been going for. No doubt that incorporating tech into a coherent design can cause a lot of headaches, but the space mustn’t become cluttered and messy because of all the gadgets that are regularly used. Clutter is the biggest enemy of productivity, so you have to think about how you’re going to incorporate tech into the design from the get-go and find the appropriate furniture and storage solutions to accommodate your office’s tech needs.

Modern lifestyle requires modern furniture

Comfort should be a significant concern when it comes to office design. Nowadays, many of us spend long periods sitting down, which is detrimental to our health in the long run. Offices that keep comfort and ergonomics in mind are investing in their employees’ health. Old and unsightly furniture pieces not only kill the morale of your workers, but they are also likely not designed with these modern problems in mind. So, swapping old furniture to new, trendy pieces will be a game-changer in your office. Well-designed workspaces will make it a joy to do work, while ergonomic chairs will allow your workers to stay comfortable and productive. Plus, the sight of these pieces already sends a strong message about your brand values.

Plants are the heart of an interior

Today, we know that plants and greenery have a very positive effect on our minds. And considering that many city dwellers cannot spend much (or any) time in nature to wind down, the best solution is to bring the outdoors in. Plants are crucial in offices with a lot of techs where people can start feeling alienated from nature. Boosting the look of your office space with potted plants reduces the stress levels of your employees and improves their mood, as many studies show. Besides, greenery helps them focus and be more productive, while also filling the air with oxygen and even reducing sick leave rates! So, make sure to introduce large potted plants, unique flowers bouquet here and there, and pictures of nature to reap all the benefits of this powerful design tool.

Let your company shine

When designing your offices, you’re not doing it exclusively for your employees (although, they will be the ones to enjoy the result the most). You’re also doing it for the image of your company. Designing the space with your brand values in mind will speak volumes about your brand to everyone who enters the premises – which likely includes your potential clients as well. On the other hand, walking them into a shabby office with old furniture and unappealing design will put your company in a bad light, no matter how great you are at what you do. We all judge books by their cover, which is another reason why the aesthetics of your office is so important.

Making the most of breaks

Today, it is widely known that taking work breaks is essential, and skipping them worsens the performance of your employees. However, where they spend their breaks also affects how well they can rest their minds before they go back to their desk. A nice-looking, comfortable break room is, therefore, essential for your workers’ productivity. You simply cannot expect them to relieve stress in a small, messy, poorly lit space. On the other hand, designing a break room that will boost their morale and creativity as soon as they step in will make their breaks that much more effective.


To sum it up, the aesthetics of a workplace is essential for employee satisfaction and productivity. The right colors and furniture, as well as enough greenery, will keep them happy and creative. But keep in mind that there is no cookie-cutter solution to the perfect office design. Every brand needs to come up with what fits their brand values and employee needs the best, while also showcasing the top side of the company.


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