Advantages of VoIP Technology: 5 Ways VoIP Helps Companies Thrive

In today’s tech-driven business world, it’s imperative for business leaders to focus on digital transformation in order to preserve the company’s competitive advantage, spark growth and facilitate innovation, and of course, improve efficiency and productivity across the board. While there are many technological solutions you could bring into the workplace to achieve these goals, communication tech such as VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is definitely one of the most powerful upgrades you should make. (Image source)

Essentially, VoIP is a cloud-based phone system that brings numerous digital features to the table and helps your employees communicate and collaborate with ease while elevating the efficiency of your customer communication and your customer service department as a whole. That’s why today we’ll be taking a closer look at VoIP technology and how you can use it to take your small business forward through better efficiency, lower costs, and higher overall productivity.

Mobile optimization and increased flexibility

Nowadays, many business leaders are forced to send their employees home in order to honor the social distancing rules and minimize the risk of spreading the novel coronavirus. Whether you are forced to manage remote teams or if you simply have employees who are working on the field and running from meeting to meeting across town, there is no denying that mobile communication is paramount for success. Your employees need to be flexible and able to communicate internally and externally while on the go in order to maintain productivity and keep every project moving forward.

This is where VoIP comes in as an all-in-one solution, as it allows your in-house employees to communicate seamlessly with their colleagues in the field or remote teams halfway around the world, all through dedicated mobile apps. Mobile optimization is a big element of VoIP, but it’s not just about the connectivity, it’s also about the fact that mobile VoIP systems allow you to use all of their features via smartphones. 

Video and audio conferencing

Speaking of handy tools and features, VoIP is one of the best solutions for quick and responsive video and audio conferencing. Now that more and more business leaders are managing remote teams, video calls have become paramount for project management, employee and team collaboration, and business-wide productivity. After all, you can’t expect to run an efficient operation over email alone. Your employees need a way to see their team members and talk to them face-to-face in order to have a more productive meeting, and VoIP comes fully-equipped to facilitate these types of interactions. 

With high-quality video conferencing and various features that allow your team members to communicate and collaborate via video chat more effectively, VoIP is the best tool to have at your disposal for in-house and remote operations. You can even leverage supporting tools like screen sharing, file transfers, transcription, and more to make your video meetings more productive.

Lower costs for national and international calls

There are many reasons why VoIP has become the go-to phone system for businesses of all sizes nowadays, but the biggest reason is that it just makes more financial sense in the short and long term. One of the primary advantages that an innovative VoIP business phone system has over its traditional counterparts is that it doesn’t produce the ridiculously high costs for national and international calls. This allows business leaders to run extremely efficient in-house and international teams that can communicate internally and externally in an affordable way.

In essence, this would allow you to manage an international customer support team at the cost of your VoIP plan, or to enable collaboration between in-house employees and remote workers without wasting financial resources. As you might have guessed, the low costs of VoIP can have immediate financial benefits for your company. 

Gather crucial call and customer data

Modern businesses grow on the foundation of the customer, market, and industry data. In other words, you need to gather relevant data to make better decisions, improve the productivity of various departments, and optimize internal processes to create a happier employee collective. To acquire that data, you need the right analytics tools, of course, and VoIP systems have integrated call analytics features that allow you to collect and collate crucial data to make communication more efficient and effective in the future. 

Guaranteed uptime and connectivity

Last but not least, entrepreneurs and business leaders are rapidly switching to VoIP because it’s one of the few solutions out there that can ensure constant uptime and connectivity. As a cloud-based system that’s backed up by numerous servers and real-time disaster recovery systems, VoIP prevents your phone and communication systems from going down and eliminates interruptions so that you can deliver stellar customer service and keep productivity high for all your teams. 

Wrapping up

Communication tech is one of the foundational pillars of growth and success in the business world nowadays, and VoIP is leading the pack with its unique perks and benefits. If you haven’t already, be sure to consider transitioning to VoIP in order to take your business to new heights of success.

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