A Solar Powered Portable and Compact Air Conditioner ‘Evapolar’ to enter in Indian market very soon

Start enjoying eco-friendly and energy efficient evaporative climate technology right now with Evapolar! Create your personal microclimate and enjoy ultimate comfort exactly when you need it and where you need it!

A Russian company has developed this portable air conditioner that promotes personal hygiene and a great indoor air quality. The company is planning to launch the air conditioner in the Indian market any time next year.
About Evapolar
You don’t need any installation as it’s a portable and pluggable – just plug it in and feel the sensation. All is you require is a wall socket to immediately feel the cooling effects of this portable air conditioning unit. No screws, drills, or heavy lifting required! 
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Evapolar works on power of water evaporation – the simplest and most efficient cooling technology since ancient times. Evaporative coolers already exist but you may have never heard about them – they are all very bulky and if your hot season is short they are not presented on your market at all. But Evapolar is not just another evaporative cooler. 
The use of Evapolar is very simple indeed. Locate the right area and place Evapolar. Pour water in the removable container given in it. Turn on the power grid & Set the required power. That’s it! 
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The main benefits of Evapolar are mentioned below.
• It reduces your power bill due to its energy saving technology & solar power provision.
• It’s compact and has a stylish design to complement your interior.
• The powerful cooling effect gives you a very comfortable atmosphere.
• It gives a natural and healthy breeze for your enjoyment.
• It has Bio-stable construction for prolonged and painless use.
• It satisfies our environmental responsibility due to use of renewable energy source.
Its Inventors say the 1,680-g (59 oz) unit is 12 times more energy efficient than a traditional split system air conditioner, consuming a maximum of 10 W and boasting a maximum cooling power of 500 W. Running off mains power, the device itself measures 160 x 160 x 165 mm (L x W x H) and has a water tank capacity of 710 ml (24 oz), which should provide around six to eight hours of cooling. The company also claims that it can drop temperatures by a maximum of 17° C (30.6° F), but this is only in very dry and hot conditions, with the average temperature drop around 6 to 8° C (10.8 to 14.4° F).

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The CEO & Co-founder of the Company, Eugene Dubovoy reveals, “Evapolar consumes very less energy and we have both types of ACs to be run on electricity and solar batteries. The solar version of Evapolar has especially been developed for the Indian region that has a significant solar power potential.” He, however, didn’t disclose the price of the AC at which it will be available to the Indian consumer. 
“It will be available at a reasonable price, besides it will bring a long-term cost savings because of its energy efficiency,” he states. In India, where the summer season is invariably very long, this portable air conditioner can make people’s life comfortable and healthier. The country receives sunshine throughout the year and hence a solar-powered air conditioner will prove a more viable as well as a cheaper option for the Indian population. 
Evapolar has gained a worldwide popularity since it’s very pre-launch. This small size AC is going to redefine the ways people use to enjoy the air conditioning. This plug-and-play air conditioner can be placed on a table, desk or anywhere to enjoy a cool breeze of air to create a relaxing environment. People in India will possibly be able to get the product next year to enjoy their summer with a great personal air conditioning experience. 
At present Indiegogo campaign is running for Evapolar and till date it has raised over US$175,000 of the $100,000 goal. The early bird price of $179, with the retail price expected to be around $400 for this Innovative air conditioner. Currently color options are limited to black or white, but more colors are planned for the future. People who have supported this product will start receiving their units in June 2016. Explore further for Evapolar by visiting their site Evapolar.


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