Pocket Sized Affordable Fairy Drone Makes Your Aerial Photography Dream Alive

Adventurers and photographers always eager to find new technology to capture the images with unique perspectives those come with altitude. 

Traditionally, capturing a majestic landscape from an elevated position used to require either a conveniently situated mountain or a helicopter rental, neither of which were guaranteed to be available. Even if you get it that makes a deep hole in your pocket.

It provides some allure and prestige to those who captured images from the skies, but this exclusivity didn’t do much to help photographers convey the sense of grandeur that is only truly appreciable from the skies.

Fairy Drone (Images source: Kickstarter)

Early drones were able to capture the aerial images but featured low-resolution, action cam-quality cameras and control systems that often lead to YouTube-worthy crash footage. Competition for dominance of the multi-rotor drone space has resulted in huge technological leaps at both the consumer and professional level.

With advancement in drone technology, the affordable drones for photography are hitting new heights. 

Actual Photography using Fairy Drone

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a drone for your outdoor work, there has never been a better time. Even the entry-level professional units come with cameras that can capture stunning images and flight controls that a kindergartener could use.

A San Francisco based startup ‘Fairy Drone’ has developed a high-tech drone for easy flying control combined with 1080p FHD camera, auto tracking, motion control and 16 minutes flying time with a single charge!

Professional drones are very expensive to buy for most people. With an aim of high-tech drones available to everyone but easy-to-fly drones, the team has been engaged in developing fly control system and solution for drones in a B2B setting since 2013. Nearly 50,000 drones were already installed in a short span of two years. 

Now the creator of smart drone introduces new ‘Fairy Drone’ to capture the precious moments of your life and currently is live at Kickstarter for raising fund. 

Powered by a SIMTOO flight control system, the Fairy pocket drone with high definition camera takes your selfie game to a new level. 

Fairy can be folded into a size of a phone; it weighs just 140g, so no FAA registration is required. Fold to fit into your pocket and start to aerial photography wherever you go.

Equipped with SLAM position technology, that uses optical flow sensors to hover steady, together with the 1080 full HD video resolution camera (30 fps) with 8-megapixel images along with SONY 1/3” (CMOS) sensor. Fairy can capture amazingly crisp video and images.

With its continuous capture and delay capture mode, Fairy can be your personal autonomous flying photographer. With a single touch, you can set Fairy to track you while you’re taking pictures or videos. 

Its customizable UI and intuitive user-friendly lets you instantly take flight and capture photos with a single touch. Fairy can be easily controlled by both Smartphone and remote controller.

A dual-band GPS tracks its exact position and starting point. You won’t lose your drone in cloudy weather also as it returns to the starting point due to GPS tracking system.

When the drone starts to Auto Return, It will go up to 15 meters first then return to the initial location, and land. You could also stop the Auto Return in the process and the drone will stop return and hover in its position.

You could control and fly Fairy only with your smartphone by using the Fairy app. There are two modes in the Fairy app, one is mobile phone mode, and another one is the controller mode. 

Fairy app is both available on iOS app store and google store. So you could fly Fairy with iPhones. System requirement is Android 5.0 above or iOS 8.0 above.

It has 3 different sensitivity modes – low, medium and high to satisfy your personal needs. You will get the different flying experience: smooth flying to record steady videos, normal flight, or take it to the next level with the high sensitivity mode to make it fly like a race drone. Thanks to its four high-speed brushless motors.

Fairy drone connects phone through Wi-Fi. So the call will not affect the connect between Fairy and phone. But in case it does lose connection, it will auto return and land to its initial position!


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