A Paralyzed Bali Welder Creates His Own Robotic Arm from Scrap Metal

Robotics is the future. Simple but true. Even today, they support us, make the products we need and help humans to get around. Without robots we would be worse off. An Indonesian man has created a “robotic arm” from scrap metal which he says helps him make use of his paralysed left arm.

Bali welding workshop owner I Wayan Sumardana suffered a stroke six months ago and his left arm became paralysed. Unable to work and provide for his family, he used his skills to create a gadget that earned him the nickname of “Iron Man”.

The arm brace is made of bits and pieces from his workshop. It’s attached to a head gear which transfers energy fuelled by his thoughts to the robot arm, according to Wayan. Although his invention has no scientific backing, it has made him a local celebrity. Many were inspired by his story — a humble man who has overcome his disability to support his family.

“There are electrodes attached to my scalp, whose functions are to take small signals from the head. These signals would not be detected without this device. The signal is brought forward to an enlarged signal and then taken to the micro-control in my back and transferred to the front,” said Wayan Sumardana.
Image source: Sliptalk
His claim has been disputed by a number of online critics, who say that this technology isn’t possible. The arm has led to him becoming something of a celebrity, with his story being featured in the local media.
“I hope this will motivate other people, who have had a stroke or are paralysed like myself. Some, can’t even walk. I hope they keep their spirits up to live because life is hard and to give up is easy,” Sumardana said. But others say his contraption is bogus.
Local media says the Bali Governor was so moved by his story he paid Wayan a visit and donated $3,600 so he could continue proper medical treatment. (Source: BDNews24)


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