A modern light weight electric bike ‘Koben’

Karmic Bikes is raising funds for The Køben – a modern electric bike for the human race on Kickstarter! The Karmic Koben is a modern electric bike that lets you ride faster, go farther, all while having more fun than ever before. This invention has a radically new battery and designed an exceptional bike around it. The Koben is obsessively crafted to be beautiful, intuitive, and delightful. This is the bike of the future, and it’s available today.

Credit: Hong Quan / Kickstarter

The Karmic Experience is like having bionic legs. The Koben’s pedal assist is simple and intuitive. It’s as easy as riding a bike – you just get on and go. As you pedal, the motor seamlessly augments your input and gives you a supernatural boost for effortless power and exhilarating speed.

Most people think electric bikes aren’t for them. That’s because there’s never been one like this before. This is the bike that will get you riding again. You’ll no longer think: “too far,” “too hilly,” or “too sweaty.” Those concerns go out the window as you grab your Koben and head out the door. With the Karmic Koben, the E doesn’t just stand for electric.
Other eBikes use bigger motors and bulkier batteries, which require a heavier frame plus heavy-duty wheels and huge tires to support all the weight. It’s a vicious cycle of bad design decisions, and the end result is complicated, heavy, and a pain to maneuver around the garage, up a flight of stairs, or on and off a train.
The Koben’s revolutionary battery creates a virtuous cycle, allowing us to optimize every element and create one of the lightest eBikes ever made. We’ve also made the battery easily removable and light enough (< 2kg) to take with you. Finding a place to plug in when you’re out on the town is a hassle. The Karmic Battery lets you charge wherever you are.
The Karmic Battery is optimized to deliver over 25 miles of real-world range, suitable for most commutes and joyrides. Using a hub motor is the easy way to build an electric bike. 
Power is applied through the cranks, unlike hub motors that wash out in turns or slip on steep hills. Mid-drives also give you the best of both worlds, off-the-line torque and high-end power. A lower center of gravity gives the Koben well-balanced handling and a nimble feel that you’ll appreciate on every ride.
The standard hub is a single speed, but with 5 levels of boost it is effectively a geared bike with electronic shifting. This choice is also lighter and less expensive than the IGH, and is suitable for cities with moderate topography, or strong riders who just need a bit of boost.
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