A Class Story of ClassDojo – An Excellent Interactive platform for Teachers, Students and Parents

ClassDojo is the easiest way for teachers to encourage students, and share their best moments with parents.  

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo is an ambitious, focused team based in San Francisco created to transform every classroom in the world into the classroom of the future. They started by building the simplest way for teachers to encourage students and engage parents.   

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ClassDojo is backed by leading investors, including SV Angel, Paul Graham, ImagineK12, SoftTech VC, General Catalyst, Shasta Ventures, and others.  

ClassDojo’s mission is to reinvent classrooms by bringing teachers, students, and parents closer together. Teachers use ClassDojo as a communication platform to encourage students and get parents engaged too. Classrooms become positive places – which means there’s no more ‘classroom management.  

Image credit: ClassDojo

‘Class Story’ – A new release from ClassDojo  

ClassDojo released a new interesting tool called ‘Class Story’ which enables teachers to effectively interaction and communicate updates and photos from the class with parents’.   

Class Story is an excellent alternative to a public classroom website or blog and teachers can use it as a secure and private space where they can communicate with parents and engage in the learning of their kids. Fostering teacher-parent communication is the driving philosophy behind Class Story and as, Don Liam (chief product officer of ClassDojo) stated, it reduces ‘the friction in communicating with parents by providing a quick way to share important updates, photos, and all the moments parents would love to see but previously couldn’t.’  

ClassDojo: Teach what matters most.  

Being part of the ClassDojo app, Class Story works and syncs across any iOS/Android device and any web browser for both teachers and parents. Here is how it works: ‘Teachers can add photo or text posts to their private class feed; posts are shared with all connected parents automatically.   

Unlike class websites, Twitter, or Instagram, this means that only parents can see these important stories and no one else, keeping ClassDojo safe and secure for families, students, and teachers. Teachers will know when parents have seen their posts with reading receipts, plus they’ll feel the love when parents “heart” their posts. Over time, the company says they’ll be adding new types of “posts” teachers would like to make, such as videos and voice notes.’  

Today, ClassDojo is used by teachers and students in over half a million classrooms across 160 countries. In the United States, teachers in more than 50% of all schools use ClassDojo. Since ClassDojo started, they’ve helped teachers encourage students over 2 billion times, and engage millions of parents.


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