A Carrot Solution for Climate Change

Everyone is concerned about Climate Change. The question is how to solve the problem.  All current solutions are based on paying more or using less energy to solve problems. We think there is a better way, a Carrot – cheap clean energy.  
Why not make it in everyone’s best interest to switch to clean energy today by making it so cheap no one can say no.  
Infinity SAV USA believes that their generator powered solely by permanent magnets will do just that. 

The company claims their generator will stop Climate Change by eliminating CO2 from electricity and transportation, and will cut the cost of power by more than 50%.
The stick approach is to use regulations and taxes to force people to do the right thing.  
The carrot is cheap clean energy that will cause everyone to do the right thing, because it is easy, cheap, and it is in their best interest. Ok, ok, I have said cheap several times, but I have not told you how cheap.  
Excluding the initial cost of the generator of about $7000, we are talking about clean 24/7 power at $0.02 per kWh.  That is so cheap; it would make sense even in an impoverished village. 
Imagine a village being able to pump clean water and provide lights so kids could study at night without breathing in soot from lanterns or cook fires. 
Imagine cars and trucks powered by magnets, not oil. Imagine powering your house for $20 per month instead of $100 or $200.
We know you are saying it is impossible.  But Infinity SAV USA has a working model!
The Law of Conservation of Energy DOES APPLY. The invention is transferring energy from the Quantum mechanical spin of electrons to physical motion and then to electricity
Everyone wants to know how it works. The generator is made of two parts, an electric motor and a magnetic generator. The electric motor is only used to start the generator and then is disconnected. 
The magnetic generator has 250 neodymium magnets in the stator and 250 coils of bifilar copper wire in the rotor inside. 
When a magnet approaches a coil of copper wire, it induces a like polarity in the coil.  Like polarities create a repulsive force and this gives the magnetic generator its rotational spin and the spin creates electricity.
Infinity SAV USA claims its technology will replace fossil fuels for electricity and transportation.  The company’s working generator prototype is powered by permanent magnets and produces 2 kW of excess energy. 
The generator has been demonstrated to hundreds of people including engineers and academics and the videos have had a half million views on YouTube.
The many benefits of this new energy source include cheap, clean, renewable, 24/7 electricity with no CO2. These generators could be used to power a house, charge the battery of electric cars, or provide power in remote locations. 
Decreasing the cost of electricity and stopping pollution will benefit everyone, especially the poorest among us. 


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