A 13-year old boy from Tamil Nadu Invents a Low Cost Fire Sensor cum Extinguisher to Save People

Each and every day, fire extinguishers save lives and protect property and are a critical component of a balanced fire protection plan – both at home and at work. Fire extinguishers can be a small but important device to protect life of people during emergency. It can save lives and property by putting out a small fire or suppressing it until the fire department arrives.

In past, many fire extinguisher robots or devices have been invented by students to help people during fire emergency. One more invention from a 13-year old boy in Tamil Nadu has come out with an innovative and low-cost fire sensor cum extinguisher device which can douse the flames immediately in the case of any mishap. 
The idea of inventing this device came from the loss of life due to fire accident in cracker units at Sivakasi.
Image source: News Ournet
Hailing from a poor family with his mother, a daily labourer at a firework factory at Jaminselvarpatti in Sivakasi, having got injured in a similar mishap few years ago, Jayakumar decided to find a solution to the recurring problem of explosions in the cracker factories.
So as he was strapped for cash, Jayakumar, who is studying in the ninth standard in a government high school, found a messiah in the form of his science teacher , who not only encouraged him in his invention, but also provided him with the funds required to make the device.
An elated Jayakumar immediately started working on his dream project and after a month of toil, he came out with the system, which detects and extinguishes flame. 
It could be offered by many small fire work establishment in and around Virudhunagar district of Tamil Nadu, country’s nerve center, that produces 90 per cent of country’s cracker requirement every year. 
Jayakumar’s small but important invention fetched him the honor when he was presented with national award for recognizing his efforts in trying to mitigate such fire eventualities. Jayakumar outlined the working of the device. According to him, the system comprises, fire sensor, alarm, circuit board, which is connected to the sump motor, as reported by Deccan Herald.
Isn’t really an excellent cost effective Invention from Jayakumar to save life of people? We must encourage kids for generating more innovative ideas in future.


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