9 Must-Have Tools and Tips for Social Media Marketing 2018

Are you a social media marketer with a desire to take your social media campaigns to the next level? 

Social media is a fantastic platform that can help marketers to reach greater audiences which in turn can be potential customers. A social media marketer desiring to achieve an effective social media marketing campaign must be willing to invest in the factual tools for real management and optimization of social media campaign posts.

Today, social media marketing remains to be one of the most affordable digital marketing strategies. Social media marketing takes a different approach from paid advertising and is aimed at growing a brand’s visibility thus enabling brand awareness at an affordable or no cost. 

However, growing your brand’s online visibility as well as building your brand’s awareness can be a difficult task without the right tools in your arsenal. 

Social Media Marketing

Having the right social media marketing tools in your arsenal helps to discover incredible content to post, plan your posts effectively, assess and evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns thus getting more insights to boost your social media campaigns. 

Currently, there are more than 2 billion active social media users on all the social media platforms therefore as a social media marketer, you must ensure to utilize the appropriate tools to ensure a competitive and successful social media campaign. 

With hundreds of social media marketing tools available out there, it can be difficult for marketers to choose the right tools for their social media marketing that is why we have compiled a list of the awesome tools and tips that a social media marketer must have for 2018. 

Social Media Marketing Tips from the Pros

The introduction of the Internet on our computers has changed marketing completely. Today, if you want to be effective, you must use digital means of marketing instead of the traditional forms of marketing like print media since these traditional forms of marketing are not reaching a wider audience than digital or Internet marketing can. 

If you are still in the start-up phase and you want to promote your business, media marketing can be helpful. It is worth noting that many people are on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn so you should also be there. Creating social media accounts for your business and maintaining them can be a scary task when you start but with the below tips, you can make it. 

1. Set up social media accounts for your business

Since many people are on social media, you should also be there in order to reach a wider audience. To reach these audiences, you must create social media accounts for your business. 

Having a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account enables people to know that you exist and this makes it easier for them to connect with you. In fact, this is the first step for small business owners to showcase their credibility and it helps in gaining the trust of the existing and new customers. 

Today, there are numerous social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest, therefore, it is crucial for business owners to do enough research to know which channel fits their needs. 

However, if you want to create your business accounts on a few channels, Facebook and LinkedIn should be the first choice on your list. The reason why we say so is that Facebook is powerful when it comes to B2C (Business to customer), while LinkedIn is great for B2B (business to business).

2. Create unique content

After creating your social media accounts for your business, your next step is to post your content. Social media marketing is diverse, but it is advisable to ensure your content is quality and not based on how many posts you have on your profile. 

Many business owners experience difficulties when it comes to creating quality and unique content, but the only secret is to learn the hacks from top industry leaders. Study how they create and share content; if possible hire a social media professional to manage your company’s social media profile.

3. Keep tabs on the latest trends in the industry

Social media is ever-developing; each day brings a new thing. Every day social media is filled with new information on various topics and issues. Many people are on social media so as to learn what’s new. You need to ensure your social media profile provides your audience with what they need to hear and learn. This will make more people subscribe to your social media updates.

4. Share and promote your content

Social media is very powerful in that you can use it to reach many people worldwide. However, passing your message to a greater audience via social media comes with its own responsibilities. You will be required to invest in ads, or social media management tools to aid in promoting your business. Another way to promote your business via social media is to use sponsored updates on LinkedIn or boost your content on Facebook so that they appear at the top of your audience’s News Feed. 

Social Media Marketing Tools



Buffer is the commonly used social media marketing tool by most marketers and influencers in the industry today. The reason why this tool is loved by many is that when it comes to the scheduling of your posts across different social media platforms, Buffer can do that for you. 

Additionally, it helps to specify the intervals of your posts. You can either decide to schedule your posts every day or on weekdays. Buffer can also help you to track your posts, assessing the most active and the reason behind their effectiveness.



If you want to discover the latest, new, or widely shared content, BuzzSumo is your tool for that task. This powerful tool helps you to find popular content on social media. With this tool, you just enter a topic or a selection of keywords related to your industry in their search box and it will gather all related blogs, videos, forums, and more. 

It will also help you to find the influencers who are sharing the content. BuzzSumo helps to get insights on the performance of the content by generating rapid statistics across all the social media platforms. 

This information is very helpful as it aids marketers to learn the latest ideas for social media marketing as well as social media campaigns and more importantly, identifying niche influencers who are helpful when it comes to growing your followers, brand awareness, brand visibility, and reputation.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a comprehensive social media tool that managers can use to keep tabs on their efforts. This tool offers a wide variety of access and more to that it provides subordinates with an opportunity to coordinate and delegate duties. 

It helps in scheduling posts, additionally; it acts as a thorough analytics tool. Another incredible benefit that comes with this tool is that marketers can use it as a social listening platform to provide them with insights into the demographics that use their networks.



With millions of Facebook pages available online, online marketing seems to be a competitive venture. It takes a lot of effort and commitment to stand out from the crowd. Thankfully, with PageModo, you can stand out from the crowd since it features wonderful and custom tabs. 

This tool is designed with proficient themes that help to create a custom tab on corporate Facebook pages. The good thing is that you can incorporate images, videos, maps, product descriptions, and many things into it. 

The availability of templates is also another incredible thing with this tool since you can create, manage and track contests and giveaways which can help you to continue engaging your audience. This tool also features a simple cover photo build which makes it easy to create visually amazing banners with custom photos and text even if you are a beginner in design.

Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse

When it comes to social media management, Agora Pulse is a simple and inexpensive tool that you must use. It features complete basic post scheduling and analytic capabilities, also this tool enables social media managers to run contests and promotions. 

In addition, this tool helps you to keep track of the performance of your social media marketing campaigns against your business rivals. You can use the free trial version of this tool to see whether it fits your needs before subscribing to the paid version.



Hootsuite is an easy-to-use but great social media marketing solution especially for starters. This tool features an affordable paid option and a free version and can help you to schedule posts across social media networks and assess analytics to learn the effectiveness of your posts.



As the name suggests, TweetDeck is a helpful tool when it comes to tweeting on Twitter and it helps social media managers and influencers to scale their Twitter media marketing campaigns. 

With this tool, you can view, manage and Tweet from the numerous accounts you own, you can also schedule tweets for all your accounts under one interface. When this tool was launched, it was autonomous; however, after it was acquired by Twitter it has become more powerful with incredible features.



Tweepi is a social media tool that is designed specifically for Twitter. If you want to gain more Twitter followers Tweepi is your tool. It helps you to discover users who are interested in your posts and provides you with an opportunity to engage them by talking about them in tweets, including them to a list, or even following them.



Canva is a free media graphics solution for adding a visual ability to your content. This tool features a paid pro version; however, the free version has numerous professionally designed layouts, images, graphics, and font types that can help you to create amazing social media images even if you are a beginner in graphics design. This tool also features an option to select sizes based on the commended dimensions from different social media channels.


Social media includes incredible channels that provide you with an opportunity to market your business and to succeed in your marketing campaigns, you must have the right tools in your arsenal. The above social media tools and tips when used effectively can take your social media campaigns a notch higher. 

If you want to launch, manage, track and improve your marketing campaigns you need to make use of the above tools. It is worth noting that social media marketing initiates a sales process. Therefore ensure every user who visits your website buys from you before they opt out of your website.


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