9 Tips To Hang Your Large Wall Mirrors Safe And Sound

Mirrors have spotted themselves as a domestic reflecting tool for many years. But now they are hunting for the niche of expensiveness and luxury renovating materials. Regal and royal large wall mirrors are one of the fine and decent pieces that can spruce and open up any space in no time.

Large wall mirrors are to provide light, brightness, openness, and vividness. But for achieving all of these goals we have to mount these gigantic mirror articles safely at some appropriate heights.

That is why here we providing you tips that how you can manage safety while having large wall mirrors in your homes.

Pick The Right Spot

First of all for any home improvement and remodeling project, picking the right place is first and crucial step. We here present some tips for you that how you can pick the right spot for hanging your large wall mirrors. First of all never hang mirror opposite or above to your bed. Like in any emergency natural calamity your mirror can fall upon you.

Other than that never hang your mirrors just using merely nails. Nails can leave their support at any time. Mirrors are to hang anywhere but not opposite or adjacent to your door walls. Because opening or closing of doors abruptly can cause shatter in the mirror surface.

Use Toggle Bolts

Toggle bolts are kind of nail holders that can hold the nails as well as heavy objects on the wall. Toggle bolts have a wing sets of twisted plastic rings that keep nails and mirrors fixed firmly into them. You can achieve firmness in two ways, either just have to fit the toggle first into the wall.

Or you just have to fix both nail and toggle simultaneously then arranging the mirror on it. Thus in this way you can achieve firmness and stability with large wall mirrors. But consider that a single toggle bolt cannot handle the whole weight of the whole large wall mirror.

Mirror Clips And Nails

Another great way of handling the weight of large wall mirror is that you can use mirror clips. Mirror clips are those curved handles that can support the mirror and keep it hanged up on the wall. Mirror clips can never be used as a single catcher. Rather they have to be used as a pair of clips or quarter no of clips of either side of mirror.

Mirrored clips can support as well as ornament the frame-less mirrors. Because they come in many shapes, like j shapes, hinged shape, L shaped and pearl-shaped. One can choose according to her home interior design. Other than that you can have many different designs and colors in mirror clips-online.

Screws In Studs

For years and ears screw and studs have been there in use for hanging and maintaining the things like pictures and portraits on the wall. Now these screws have enough evolved themselves so that they may support the large wall mirrors on the walls of your home. Master mirrors are meant to maintain great mastery. Screws and studs will help you gain enough wall maintenance to keep mirrors at their right place. Other than that these screws also can cater to the nails of your framed mirrors. To fit the mirrors into the nails that will be penetrated into the walls screws are used.

Hangers And Anchors

Have you ever heard of hangers and anchors that can fix the large mirrors into the wall? Probably most of the people have not heard about the hangers and anchors that can be used for nails to make them fix the mirrors on the walls. Anchors are to anchor the nails and nails are to hang the mirrors. And the tip to use them efficiently is chosen hangers and anchors wisely and get help from your nearby glass and mirror shop. And also get professional large wall mirror installation facilities. Many retailers can provide you this facility along with delivery and transportation.

Don’t Make Them Framed

Large wall mirrors are usually heavy-duty and of high weight. Therefore, do not make the mistake of making them more heavily weighted. Chromes on the side of mirrors will add up an extra weight on them. So to hang your gigantic and huge wall mirrors you have to make them as much lightweight as you can. If you add some framed things your mirrors will end up being double fold weighted than before. So frame-less large wall mirrors are mostly preferred if your mirror size is enough wide.

Use Professional Clasps To Hang Them

One pro-tip for keeping your large wall mirrors hung up and securely mounted is use professional and expert services and accessories. Glass hangers, anchors and screws all are available in the market but only the experts can help in finding the required tool and accessories. Also, you can never know from the size of your mirror that how much nails, mirror clips your need. Only professionals and expert installers can help you hang your mirrors.

Buy Potable Large Wall Mirrors

You can select your mirrors in shops and online too. Always see the weight section and tags of length specifications. In this way you will be finding enough comfortable and portable mirror for your wall. Large wall mirrors are not always heavy mirrors but they are just large. You will be having enough opportunities for mirror selection in terms of weight. Just make it sure enough that you select a portable and lightweight mirror.

If You Cannot Hang – Put Them On The Floor

One last but not the least tip for having a large wall mirror is if you cannot hang them then place on the floor. Simply, if you cannot hang them just do not take the risk, just go for the floor option.


Having a large wall mirror is not a daunting task but their maintenance is. So keep sure that your mirrors are mounted and hung safely and securely.

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