9 Easy Steps For Fixing Your Water Damaged iPhone

9 Easy Steps For Fixing Your Water Damaged iPhone

Damaging the smartphone is definitely a nightmare for all us. And damaging the iPhone is often the end of the line because being an iPhone user, we all know that how much expensive the smartphone is. It doesn’t matter either we dropped our beloved iPhone in a bathtub or in a pool, after the hit we just know that nothing good will come out.  

When such unfortunate incident happens, we rush to find out solutions to fix the water damaged iPhone. Most people try to fix the iPhone by themselves. And rest of the people, rush towards the local mobile phone repairing shop.   

Well, if you are in such a scenario then you should not worry because we have a solution for you. In this article, we are explaining some worthwhile tips that can help you fix your water damaged iPhone.   First of all, let’s discuss the conditions of a water damaged iPhone.  

Common Conditions Of A Water Damaged iPhone

Your iPhone Won’t Turn On

If your mobile phone, in this case, your iPhone, is not turning on after coming into contact with water, then there might be two possible outcomes. First, your iPhone has been short-circuited. Second, the water has damaged some internal parts of your mobile phone.   

Your iPhone Won’t Charge

If your water damaged iPhone doesn’t charge then there might is a problem with your charging port. Dry your iPhone’s charging port completely to eliminate any further corrosion. And keep in mind that don’t try to plug your iPhone into charging port when there is water in it.  

Your iPhone Screen Is Water Damaged

If there are dark spots or lines under the glass of your iPhone screen then your screen is water damaged. In such a scenario, you should not visit any repairing shop in first place, just turn off your water damaged iPhone and leave it to dry.  

Speakers Don’t Work

If there is water in your iPhone’s speakers, then turn your iPhone off, let it dry as long as possible and then turn it on. After that, try to play any sound from the speakers of your phone to check whether the speakers are working fine or not.  

Easy Steps to Fix Your Water Damaged iPhone

Remove Your iPhone From Water Straightaway   If your iPhone fell into the pool or bathtub, then immediately take it out of the water. If it stays longer in the water there are chances of corrosion and screen issues.  

Don’t Panic

First thing first, after the incident takes place, remember the very first thing you have to do is to NOT panic! You have to act smartly and vigilantly so that you can save your mobile phone from further damage.  

Shutdown Your iPhone

Press the home screen button or power button to check if your iPhone is on or not. If it’s on, then quickly turn it off to increase the chances of the recovery. If the power button doesn’t work then leave it as it is.  

Remove The Protective Case Of Your iPhone

If there is any protective case on your iPhone then remove it off to clear out the moisture.  

Remove The SIM Card

Remove the SIM from your iPhone so that the water inside your SIM card port can escape easily.  

Use Dry Cloth To Wipe Down iPhone

After doing all the above-mentioned hacks, take a dry cloth and wipe your iPhone and dry it completely. Make sure to get the moisture out from the headphone jack, home button, charging port, and volume keys.  

Place Your iPhone In Warm And Dry Location

One of the recommended ways to get rid of water in your iPhone is to place it in a warm place and let it dry for as long as possible. Try to air-dry your iPhone. If possible, remove the battery. Wait for 48 to 72 hours to let the air completely dry your water damaged iPhone.  

Check Out The Water Damage Indicator

Every iPhone has a tiny indicator inside it which tells that either your phone is water damaged or not. The indicator turns red if there is water inside your iPhone. Mostly, this indicator is placed in the SIM card port of your iPhone. Use a flashlight to see this indicator.  

Backup Your iPhone

If your iPhone turns on after water damaging, then immediately back up your data. It will ensure that even if your iPhone quit working in near future, you have your personal data saved as a backup.  

What If All These Steps Don’t Work?

If all the above-mentioned steps didn’t work out for you, then there are two things you can do with your useless phone. First, give it to your kid and let him be the next James Bond in his friends’ circle or you can sell water damaged iPhone.   

If you want to make most of your water damaged iPhone then it is recommended to sell it. And sell it for cash through sellthemobile. It helps its customers to sell their not only working condition iPhones but also water damaged and broken ones.   

So don’t wait for the miracle to happen with your damaged iPhone, just sell it for cash and make some money for your next smartphone.


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