9 Best Practices for Inbound Call Centers

Monitoring an array of services to enrich service management isn’t easy. Call center companies struggle to ensure excellent customer support solutions for their partners. Since customers are the drivers of business success, thus their satisfaction is supreme. In an era where companies are adopting new technologies to boost service performance, it is hard to live up to the markets’ expectations.

Accessibility is the key to delivering excellent customer service, so is your BPO Company ready? It is the business’s responsibility to meet the customers’ needs on time and through all channels. Most companies that do not have a team of professionals on-board outsource to outbound and inbound call centers for better service management. This highlights the emerging market for BPO companies and the rising significance of sustaining clients’ expectations.

Proficient outbound and inbound support services are indispensable because losing the customers’ to the competitor is not good. An unsatisfied customer can make you lose other potential customers too. Thus, every customers’ satisfaction is vital. 

If you are willing to outsource your customer support responsibility, check the type of service your business requires. You can outsource your inbound/outbound call answering responsibility as per your business needs. Firstly, lest’ discuss what these services offer:

What are Inbound Call Center Services?

Inbound customer support services are the services handled by inbound BPOs wherein the agents handle the incoming calls to the business. Your inbound customer support partner helps you manage large incoming call volumes 24X7 at a relatively lower cost. Hiring a team of agents and making a set of tools available in the office demands huge investment, whereas outsourcing is cost-efficient.

Call volumes can spike anytime, so having dedicated agents helps. Customer satisfaction is highly significant, so by outsourcing, you receive a team of market professionals to handle the incoming calls. Additionally, you also augment your customer experience as the outsourced agent handles multiple calls with ease.

Do you deal with inbound services?

If yes, you must consider some practices. Keep eye on some key factors that help to ease service performance.

Essential Factors for Inbound Call Centers:

Emphasis on Customer Satisfaction

Clients today look forward to companies that offer great customer experiences. As a provider for inbound call center services, you need to train the agents to focus on maintaining supreme customer satisfaction.

As per the ‘Consumer Benchmark Study’, 87% of customers buy more from businesses that offer enriched experiences.

Consequently, inbound service providers need to analyze customer requirements better. Call centers are hired to competently manage the business call answering service, thus, it is crucial to live-up to the clients’ expectations.

Overall, inbound customer support agents simplify query answering, thus work on metrics that splendidly enhance the customer experience. Inbound support plays a crucial role in boosting the business ROI, successively, a standard approach to service deliveries is crucial.

For efficient outputs, inbound customer service providers need to keep a check on customer satisfaction (CSAT) and Customer Effort Score (CES).

Focus on Average Call Handle Time

BPOs having an increased average call handle time need to strategize their tasks again. Increased call duration does not mean increased customer satisfaction. Train the agents to resolve inquiries as soon as possible, as instant query resolution is the key to customer loyalty.

No customer appreciates an agent that takes longer to resolve an inquiry, thus minimize your call duration. Train the agents to offer an instant resolution. Help them understand the access the modern tools and other essential data. Make the option of call routing available, so that the technical queries are transferred instantly to a designated expert.

Eye on Call Abandonment Rate

The providers for inbound customer support services need to keep a strict check on the call abandonment rate. Incoming calls are the revenue generators for the business, thus any risk is unacceptable.

Increasing call abandonment results in decreased customer satisfaction. Accordingly, avoid any risk to business brand image and keep a strict check always.

Several BPOs have the feasibility of making a call back to the customer whose call was abandoned. Thus, integrate the same in your company and make room for outgoing calls/apologetic messages to abandoned customers.

Check on First Call Resolution (FCR)

Emphasizing an important metric of customer relationship management (CRM), inbound call centers need to maintain their first call resolution rate always. First call resolution is the ability of the call center to resolve customers’ problems instantly.

Customer satisfaction augments when there is an instant resolution to queries, thus inbound BPOs need to handle their calls proficiently to ensure optimum FCR. When no follow-up is required, retaining customer loyalty is easy.

Invest in Agents

Call centers need to resist their attitude of cutting costs especially when it comes to employee welfare. Investing in agent training and welfare helps to strengthen employee satisfaction, which eventually helps to improve customer experience.

A satisfied agent will always ensure boosted customer satisfaction, thus their welfare should never be secondary. Squeezing the business funds for training does not work as savings, contrarily, leads to lack of expert agent’s on-board and decreased customer satisfaction.

Professional agents have a good hold on turning the hardest customer towards the business, besides handling escalated calls too. Consequently, investment in agent development is indispensable.

Availability of Tools and Data

The agents offering inbound call center services require on-time availability of adequate tools and customer data. Such firms excel when equipped with required tools, so why avoid it.

Easily accessible static information through automated tools helps new agents understand the callers’ intent better, thereafter delivering a favourable response. Employees keep on changing, so having a designated software to protect and maintain customer information can make customer service easier.

A centralized database not only saves time for the agents but uplifts customer experience by not compelling them to repeat personal information repeatedly.

Use of Modern Technologies

Advanced tech creates an opportunity for call centers to reach the customer better. Companies outsource their inbound customer support service so that professionals with the latest tech knowledge handle the incoming inquiries.

Technologies like Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems and the availability of chatbots offer stupendous customer support services 24X7. Additionally, self-service solutions help customers find a resolution to their queries in real-time by accessing the business data available online.

Thus inbound call centers need to introduce the use of modern tech, as it also helps in reducing the overall call traffic. Besides, it also improves accuracy and reduces labour costs.

Agent Engagement

Employee engagement plays a vital role in initiating an emotional connection between the business and the customer. Inbound customer support providers need to consider agent engagement because “happy agents make happy customers”.

Believing the Gallup study, “better employee engagement results in enhanced customer commitment, lowered attrition rates, and increased profitability up to 21%. Therefore, engaging the agents is necessary for boosted outputs.

Talking about the ways to engage employees, call centers can organize indoor games, recognize outstanding performance, offer rewards, plan team communication, appreciate on-time results, etc.

Presence on Social Platforms

Digital transformation is emerging and so is the need for BPOs to offer outstanding inbound call center services on social mediums. Customers today expect their partners to be available over social platforms just like the traditional call answering service.

Availability over online/social channels helps the business connect to far-off audiences easily. Moreover, keeping a record of customer-agent chats for future reference is easier. More companies today outsource to call centers having an online presence, thus BPOs need to augment their offerings with increasing demands.

Ending Note:

Getting an edge over the competitors in this fast-paced era is tough. Nevertheless, welcoming an astounding inbound call strategy can help grow your business.

Some best practices from this blog post can help your team optimize service quality and escalate customer retention and loyalty.

If you have better insights to help inbound calling agents augment their service performance, do comment below.

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