8 Writing Jobs For College Students

As a college student, you’re probably seeking different ways to make money. Now, what about if you can make money, writing, all from the comfort of your own home (or dorm)?  

We know, it might sound way too good to be true. However, an array of English, journalism, and media students have begun this little side project, which is proving beneficial to their studies and their wallets. Or, who knows, you might be at the beginning of a promising career.

Whatever it is, here are the ways that you can make money writing as a college student.  

Freelancing platforms  

As you’re searching for jobs on traditional sites, you’re probably wondering where all the writing and work from home opportunities are. The truth is; you’re looking in the wrong places.  

There are freelancing platforms that specifically cater to writers, graphic designers, and other creative professions. Whether you’re searching for a side project or a full-time freelancing career.  

These platforms are great for businesses searching for freelancers and writers alike. They will often specify if they want a junior or expert, and offer various rates for words.  

The jobs listed will vary drastically, and so only pick ones that you’re super comfortable doing.  

Not only these are the jobs for a little extra money, but they are also projects that you can add to your portfolio.  

Job websites  

We don’t want to scare you away completely from traditional job sites. If you utilize their search tool well, you could find various writing opportunities.  

This method could also be beneficial in the sense that it’s local. You have the chance to meet up with your client, and create a more meaningful relationship with them., proving to be advantageous in the long run.  

Make sure, like, with every job, you’re only applying for the ones that you’re comfortable with. Writing jobs should not feel like a chore for you.  


Well, you’re in a big institution that has thousands of interesting people in. Utilize this, and network with those around you. You might just find somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody – you know the drill.  

Networking is a wonderful way to get a foot in a door somewhere. Although you might not meet your next client, you could find new ideas and new methods.  

Importantly, many Universities have a student newspaper, which you should absolutely write for. As a writer, you’ll need an extensive portfolio, and this would be a great way to build that up.  


There’s a big emphasis on SEO in the marketing and writing world, and having knowledge on it will prove to be advantageous.  

Learning about SEO, and how to make your writing SEO friendly will make you stand out from the crowd, and give you more reasons to get hired.  

Not only that, an SEO friendly article will show up higher on search results. This gives you more chance to be noticed and sought out directly – something that happens to many writers over time.  

So, keep publishing and keep doing that keyword research.   

Web copy 

When many think of a writer, they think of blogging and storytelling – often overlooking web copy.  

A copywriter will write pages for websites, social media, blog posts, and product descriptions. It’s a highly significant job, and nearly every business is searching for a good writer for their team.  

If you begin to market yourself as a copywriter, and research into attractive, meaningful web copy – you’ll undoubtedly be hired sooner rather than later. 

You also may want to consider pitching yourself. This could be through email marketing or social media. Your next client could be waiting for you to come to them.  


Blogging has been every creative writer’s dream – and it opens so many doors. However, can you make money from blogging? 

If you’re directly hired to blog on behalf of somebody else, this is a sure-fire way to earn money blogging. It’s fun and gives you the chance to create content for businesses who are looking to grow.  

If you want to make money from your own personal blog, it might be a little bit trickier, but it’s not impossible. Consider what your interests are, and research into SEO.  

Eventually, having a blog could prove profitable – from gaining new clients, followers, or attention. It’s a small investment and should be treated as an online portfolio.  

If your blog begins to gain traffic, you can make money through affiliate deals or pay per click advertising. That’s not a hard job, is it? 


You might be surprised to know that ghostwriting is actually a busy industry. Many businesses are seeking out writers that will create great content, which will then be published in somebody else’s name.  

While many writers shy away from selling their creative work and losing all credit, it’s a great way to gain money and experience in writing. There are many high-quality writing services like Trust My Paper that are always looking for aspiring writers.

It’s a lucrative business that also offers you a chance of writing blogs and books before you make the investment yourself.  

Keep writing  

Our best advice for you, as a college student, is to just keep writing. The more you get published out into the world, the more you’ll get noticed, and the more people will reach out to you.  

Don’t forget to share your work on social media, and blog all about your journey. It might not give you overnight fame and money, but it’s a fabulous hobby for students to get into.  

Over time, you’ll gain experience, perfect your craft, build up a portfolio, and make some money. What more could a college student want?  


We’ve only brushed on the opportunities that you have as a writer. We suggest you start looking around, particular on your University boards.  

As a writer, your skill is very much in demand. By spreading your word, and valuable information, you’ll soon start to see opportunities that flood your way.  

Don’t forget to check out the freelancing platforms – these could be the first push to a fantastic career in blogging and writing. 


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