8 Essentials of Web Design That Small Businesses Should Not Ignore

A functional website is a must-have for every business today regardless of its size as online platform serves as the best medium to reach your target audience in the most effective manner.

But, this simply doesn’t imply that you can just build it and the people will start following you. Keeping this belief is a sure-shot reason of failure. Imagine no one’s exploring, clicking or buying. What’s next? You will try if banging on wall works for making your website functional? Obviously, No!

To overcome the frustrating scenario where you are dealing with a failing website or want to start everything from the scratch, you need to know the basics of designing an affordable yet heart-winning website.

Here’s Everything That Can Make Your Website Eye-Catchy Yet Functional

1) Responsive Design:

According to the recent update revealed by Google, having a responsive design is one of the influential factors for good ranking. Whenever one will search a website from a mobile device – if that website will not be responsive, it will tend to struggle for finding its place in search results. Responsiveness means that the design will adjust as per the screen size on which it is viewed. It can be considered as a chameleon that changes its colour in order to be adaptive with the environment. It is super important to have a responsive design these days because people are going mobile progressively. In fact, approximately 45-48% users don’t prefer a website, which is not responsive and cannot be accessed on the go.

2) Theme Combining Logo, Colours, and Font:

To strengthen your brand’s identity and build trust among potential customers, make sure your website has a consistent look and feel in accordance with fonts, logo, colours and language. This also boosts your brand’s marketing – be it online, through phone or on stores. Consumers are likely to pay more for a product when they have a positive branding experience. And, this will make a direct impact on the revenue generation.

3) Eye-Catchy Images:

The selection of images is of great significance as the graphics makes a positive impact on business objectives, complementing the overall design and layout. The websites that use pictures from the generic stock are likely to have 48% fewer conversion rates than those using bold and vibrant images. Hence, you need to be attentive towards the aesthetics of the website so to determine how they can be improved effectively.

4) Simple-to-Go Navigation:

A website with a simple layout and easy navigation adds to the user experience, allowing them to explore and discover the complete information about your company. A navigation-friendly website encourages customer-retention that increases the chances of conversions. On the contrary, a difficult-to-navigate website is likely to lose customer interest more quickly, compelling him or him to quit. Hence, provide your users with an uncluttered navigation bar linked with respective content and see the difference in the conversions.

5) Genuine Contact Details:

Genuine here specifies valid contact details where a customer can actually reach you. Many-a-times, customer try to find out or enquire things via telephone and feel frustrated when nobody attends the call or found that number is not in use. This spoils your brand value significantly. You are probably to receive more negative feedbacks or reviews on your website regarding such a disappointing experience. Make sure you have provided a contactable number and valid e-mail id(s). Moreover, there should be a person to respond for all such queries.

6) Enticing Headlines and Seductive Text Content:

Seductive content copy with remarkable headlines will get you more potential customers and give them a reason to explore your website. Customers usually stay wishy-washy before making any final move. You content copy should be pushy enough that they could get through the finishing line, helping them for an important decision. Grab their attention, and brief them about your business and its benefit for them.

7) Info Above the Fold:

‘Above the Fold’ refers to the topmost portion of the web page that can be seen without scrolling. You should provide the vital piece of information above the fold as the people are likely to get attracted with what they see in the very beginning. It is often referred as ‘Serial Position Effect’. So, make the most impressive image of your brand with the things on the fold itself. For example, if you are reputed for your services in Web Design Small Businesses, you should consider outlining the deliverables that makes you stand apart as an identity on which small businesses can rely for making an impressive initial pitch.

8) Promote Content:

Writing a crispy content copy is of no use until and unless it reaches to the potential audience and that can be done through various techniques of promoting like PPC, Social Media Spread(facebook, twitter, pinterest, linkedin) etc. You just need to make sure that you are pitching to the right audience, which can be done with some research.
In addition to the things mentioned above, strong call-to-actions and trust indicators also need to be taken care of. Make people assured that all their confidential details are safe with you. This strengthens the bond that a customer shares with a particular brand.

Therefore, fledge your web design with all what a customer is expecting to get and look for the ways how you can represent yourself in best yet unique way.


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