8 Misconceptions about GPS Vehicle Tracking

The use of global positioning system (GPS) vehicle tracking system to monitor the whereabouts of vehicles or keep track of truck fleets arises from the need to ensure proper utilization of vehicles. It is also meant to enable easy recovery of vehicles in case they are stolen. 

The location of a car, truck or any moving vehicle is monitored using the GPS technology, whereby their location can be viewed on electronic maps using the internet or specialized software. 

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There are plenty of misconceptions about GPS tracking. This article highlights the misconceptions and seeks to debunk them.

1. GPS Vehicle tracking is not necessary when working with trusted employees
The employment of GPS vehicle tracking, especially in fleet management, goes beyond monitoring employees. It helps in cutting costs such as fuel costs, enhancing efficiency in route management, and communication with the crews. It also makes it possible to answer customer queries such as where their delivery is at a certain time.

2. GPS tracking system is unnecessary and can be replaced by mobile devices

This is a gross misconception. Cell phones are great for communication devices but can not provide the same information that GPS can give. This includes real-time location of the vehicle, stop points history, engine status; and other key parameters like mileage, and fuel consumption. Mobile phones can also be switched off or left behind, making it hard to track the vehicle at that time. They actually do not track the vehicle but the persons with them, and hence not effective to track vehicles.
3. GPS tracking systems are too expensive
The issue of being expensive is propounded due to the needed investment of hardware for each vehicle and a reporting application/software for use from a designated location. However, the costs saved – idling time, careless driving, route alterations, excess overtime, and others, far outweigh the cost of having a GPS tracking system. This ultimately means that it is untrue that GPS is expensive.

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4. Integrating GPS vehicle tracking will make employees disrespect you

This is not true since a GPS system reduces paperwork, and provides security to employees and the cargo. Once employees get used to this tracking system, they count on it for seeking assistance on road, verifying work done, and obtaining information on the routes.

5. GPS tracking systems are so complex and are meant for professionals only
The installation of a GPS receiver on each vehicle and setting up of software in a PC to organize data and for viewing the information are done quite simply by the service providers. The setting up and utilization of the system are made easy and user-friendly. The service providers also provide constant technical support, thus helping the users have an easy time with the equipment.
6. The application and effectiveness of GPS technology is yet to be proven
This is an utter lie. The 24/7 real-time tracking of objects by use of satellite and wireless communication has been used for many years and has been proven to work effectively. Many users of the GPS tracking system have attested to the cost reduction and enhanced efficiency while using a GPS tracking system.

7. GPS tracking is applicable to big companies only

If you have several vehicles to monitor on which you need accurate immediate information, then it is immaterial whether your fleet is large or small. GPS will help with tracking the vehicle and the places it has been to. The benefits realized from the use of GPS tracking services save the business a lot of resources, and helps with building good relations with its clients, taking the business the next level, irrespective of the size of the business.

8. Very busy businesses cannot manage to use GPS Tracking System
This is actually a twisted truth because a GPS will actually help you with monitoring many vehicles at once. A GPS tracking system will help a busy business with ensuring timely deliveries, customer satisfaction, and avoidance of unnecessary costs such as vehicle idling and changing of the route.
A GPS vehicle tracking system is quite beneficial and a must-have for any entity with multiple vehicles to monitor.


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