8 Best Destinations to Propose This Year!

With the official season of romance dawning upon us, there are several couples who are ready to take their relationship to the next level at various destinations. For anyone planning to propose, the pressure is enormous.

After you make sure both of you are REALLY ready, you still have to pick out the perfect princess cut ring or a gorgeous salt and pepper diamond wedding band.

Popping the life-changing question to the person you love at the right place, is as important as having a fairytale wedding and a memorable honeymoon.

The perfect proposal destination has to be romantic and picturesque and also a spot that is special to the two of you.

Instead of settling for any generic setting, check out these 8 destinations to propose to your special one! 

Paris, Franch

Paris may be a cliché destination but isn’t called the City of Love for no reason. Whether it is under the sparkling lights of the Eiffel tower, in front of the Louvre or under the Arc de Triomphe, or whether it is a meal at a fancy restaurant, everything in this city boasts about love.

It is certainly going to be a memorable story, great enough to retell again and again throughout your lifetime.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is without a doubt, one of the dreamiest proposal locations in the entire world.

Its crystal white architecture and breathtaking seaside views, make it an utterly gorgeous location to go down on one knee for the one who completes you! Several oceanfront villas and five-star suites give you the perfect opportunity to kick your proposal up a notch, with breathtaking backdrops and confessing your love in all its glory. 

Venice, Italy

Being a romantic classic that has been synonymous with love for hundreds of years, Venice is one of the places that cannot be left off this list. Its Gothic architecture, dreamy streets, narrow canals make it extremely picturesque and romantic.

You can hire a gondola, tour the city by water or experience the goodness of delicious gelato. A quirky way of proposing would be to hide the salt & pepper diamond wedding band in an ice-cream cone!

New York, USA

They say there’s no other city like New York City. Classic iconic locations like Central Park & Brooklyn Bridge or Times Square remain timeless classics to pop the question.

This city also offers you plenty of opportunities for creativity. With a plethora of beautiful gardens, rooftops, restaurants, waterfronts, and scenic beauties, this city will make your proposal unforgettable! 

Hawaii, USA

Hawaii has eight adventurous islands that serve as the best location for a proposal. It is an ideal location for the adventurous couples who can engage in a variety of thrilling outdoor activities that the islands offer.

Hiking, climbing mountains, skydiving, river-rafting, etc. are all thrilling activities that will, however, be nothing compared to the adrenaline rush that you’ll get once your partner says yes! 

Cinque Terre, Italy

A collection of small towns on Italy’s western coast, it is a sight for sore eyes seeing these colorful Cliffside villages that face the ocean. It is a sought-after destination by people of all age groups, bold and comfortable tourists alike — making it a unanimously great place to propose!

Plan a romantic dinner on a rooftop, set sail in the waters or propose at a beach; no matter the location, there is no way you can go wrong with one of the most gorgeous locations in Italy.

London, UK

They say that London isn’t just a city, it is a whole damn world in itself. This global city of dreams is home to many iconic proposal spots. When it comes to the London Eye, young engaged couples are said to be ‘in their own little bubble’, which stands quite true in this case.

Being in a private cabin you’re your special person and proposing while you’re looking down at the best view of the lovely city is nothing less than magic.

The Tower Bridge is an architectural beauty, next to which lies the London skyline. Asking your partner to marry you right in front of this magnanimous beauty is sure to get you a yes! 

Sydney, Australia

Being one of the top cities of Australia, Sydney proves to be the best of both worlds’ destination. It engulfs within it the laid-back holiday beach vibe as well as the hustle and sophistication of city life.

You can get down on one knee at any location in this glamorous city. Be it the Sydney Opera House, the Harbor Bridge or Bondi beach; your options are endless. There are many breathtaking and popular places across the globe to propose to your significant other.

The place can be the most glamorous, popular or cultured, or it could be as simple as surprising your partner with a proposal in your backyard or on your sofa or simply over a candlelight dinner at your favorite restaurant.

What matters, in the end, is how thoughtful your proposal is, and the effort you put into it. So, go ahead and take the location tips we’ve provided and given your partner a proposal to remember for a lifetime.

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